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  • LegaSea surrounds itself with committed people. People who appreciate how abundant fisheries add value to our economic, social and cultural wellbeing.
  • As a LegaSea Legend you have a commitment and a passion to support what is required to rebuild our fishery to a B40 state of abundance.
  • You can be a LegaSea Legend by signing up today and donating a minimum of $10 per month.



Actively participating and eager to learn what actions can accelerate a rebuild.


Appreciated by LegaSea and all your fishing peers.


Aware of the issues affecting our fisheries.


Investing $10 per month to help restore your fishery to abundance.


The LegaSea/NZSFC Commitment:

In 2012 the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC) established LegaSea as its public outreach and fund raising entity. 100% of your donation to LegaSea will be used by the Council on advocacy, research and education initiatives designed to achieve abundant fisheries and meaningful fishing experiences for the public. LegaSea’s operating costs are met by private donors and business sponsors.


What Does LegaSea do with the money?


100 % of all public donations through the Legends programme will be forwarded to the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC) and used in the advocacy, research and education work streams. Collectively these initiatives are designed to achieve abundant fisheries and meaningful fishing experiences for the public.

In 2012 the NZSFC established LegaSea as its public outreach and fundraising entity. Initially 66% of funds were transferred to the Council and 34% retained for establishment and operating costs. Nowadays, LegaSea’s operating costs are met by private donors and business sponsors.

How long will it take to achieve a rebuild to minimum B40 level of abundance?


Government guidelines stipulate a fishery must be rebuilt within a timeframe of no more than twice the period it would take to rebuild in the absence of all fishing. For example, if a fishery was estimated to rebuild to B40 in 10 years if there was no fishing, then the maximum timeframe to reach B40 would be 20 years.

Success is dependent upon public willingness to embrace the B40 objective, and for our decision makers and the Ministry of Primary Industries to recognise how abundant fisheries contributes to the public wellbeing of New Zealand.

LegaSea and the NZSFC have made significant progress in recent years to elevate understanding and public concern about the state of our fisheries management and the decisions which affect the health of our fish stocks.

It is only through bold decisions that we can accelerate fisheries rebuild. It starts with reducing the impacts of trawling in our inshore waters and the wasteful killing of juvenile fish. As long as we set a target and in turn measure fisheries management decisions against the impact on that target, we are better placed to accelerate this rebuild.

Do you receive any form of Government funding?


No. LegaSea is apolitical and will not accept any government funding which may be seen to influence LegaSea’s decisions.

What has LegaSea achieved to date?


LegaSea has achieved greater public awareness and engagement in fisheries management and policy issues. In the past two years more than 120,000 fisheries management submissions have been generated via the mechanisms provided by LegaSea. Also, LegaSea’s ongoing publicity initiatives regularly reach around 100,000 people per month.

LegaSea is made up of a group of passionate people who have individually and collectively achieved a great deal over the last 15 years in fisheries advocacy. Option4, the Kahawai Legal Challenge, and campaigns including, Marlin Are Not For Sale, Save Our Snapper, Crayfish and Southern Scallops Campaign, Tip the Scales and keeping the public aware of many species issues has all added to the strength of the LegaSea team’s achievements. Whilst the Kahawai, Marlin and Snapper campaigns have measurable results in altering decisions it is hard to measure what decisions might have been made if LegaSea wasn’t there to stand up for public rights and concerns.

Will you succeed in rebuilding our fisheries to abundance?


We believe we can succeed and are committed to doing our best. New Zealand is an island nation with a unique coastline and a 200 mile international fishing exclusion zone. We have the ability to conserve our inshore fish species and protect our marine ecosystem for future generations. Fish are part of our social, cultural and economic wellbeing and as long as we work together in appreciating this valuable resource we will succeed in rebuilding this resource to allow for reasonable and meaningful public access.

How long do you expect I will need to contribute funding to LegaSea?


Having earned your support LegaSea aspires to keeping you engaged and providing you value for your investment for a long time. Like you, we are committed to ensuring our fisheries are more abundant for us and future generations.

Funding is extremely important if LegaSea and the NZSFC are to motivate the decision makers to instigate rebuild initiatives. We continue to develop funding methods which spread the burden on committed individuals and organisations. It is up to LegaSea and the NZSFC to value your contributions and use funds wisely in advocacy, research and education activities. We will keep you informed of our progress with regular updates as you do have a vested interest in our success. You may elect to cancel your donations or contribution at any time if you feel progress isn’t being made or your personal circumstances have altered.

What are the special “LegaSea sponsors promotions” you refer to in recognising LegaSea Legends?


LegaSea has fantastic support from its family of sponsor partners. Our sponsor partners have expressed their desire to run a number of promotions including product giveaways, special offers and unique opportunities for our list of LegaSea Legends. This is a way in which they can also thank you for being committed to supporting the path to more abundant fisheries for now and future generations. Many of our sponsor partners understand the economic value a healthy fishery provides. They simply want to thank you for stepping up to the cause. You will be advised of these promotions in your regular update newsletters or by specific email notifications. If one of our sponsors is offering some “thank you” product giveaways you will automatically be entered into the offer opportunity.

Will you share my details with any third party or LegaSea sponsor?


Absolutely not. We respect your commitment to becoming a LegaSea Legend and understand your details will only be used for this purpose. Your details will remain private and you may update your details at any time by notifying us at

I would prefer not to use my credit card or organise a direct debit is there any other way to set up regular donations?


Credit card transactions are the easiest way for you to help us and you keep track of your regular donations. If you would prefer to set up any other form of automated payment which suits you better then please contact us at 0800 LEGASEA.