We are working together to rebuild our inshore fisheries.

Who are we?

LegaSea is the public outreach and fundraising arm of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council.

LegaSea was established in 2012 to help the public understand the issues affecting our marine fisheries and environment and why we need to restore abundance. LegaSea raises funds to help resource the work the Council undertakes to ensure there are enough fish in the water for future generations.

Our 100% commitment

100% of public donations go towards building more abundant fisheries.

All LegaSea’s operating costs are met by commercial partners, sponsors and in-kind private donors. This means we can dedicate all public donations to our core work of advocacy, research and education.

These investments fuel our mission: to build abundant fisheries for both current and future generations of Kiwis.

Our Principles

Latest Updates

Articles / 22 February 2017

MPI cut fisheries observers

As part of the Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) newly proposed initiative, Future of our Fisheries (FOOF), video surveillance is planned to be installed on all commercial fishing vessels. The east coast North Island snapper fishery (SNA 1) was chosen as a trial for these cameras. Somewhat prematurely, MPI has decided that this means it…

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Media Releases / 14 February 2017

Crayfish mismanagement needs to be urgently addressed

LegaSea and the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council have responded strongly to proposals from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) relating to the future management of three rock lobster fisheries around the coast from East Cape to Wellington and up to Foxton, and Otago in the south. Unfortunately, MPI wants to allow increased commercial fishing…

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Articles / 9 February 2017

Planning for an abundant Hauraki Gulf Marine Park

On 6th December, the SeaChange Tai Timu Tai Pari, Marine Spatial Plan for the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park was presented for public review. This three-year planning process is a collaboration by representatives of a wide range of stakeholders from within the Marine Park and its catchments. The principle organisations behind the planning process, Auckland Council…

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Articles / 9 February 2017

Back to the future in fisheries

As we fish through another summer of mixed success we’ve had lots of time to think about our fisheries and wonder how we’ve got it so wrong. Our fishing is not the same as what our forefathers had and it’s pretty scary to think what we have to pass onto our next generations. Thankfully the…

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Articles / 18 January 2017

What does “world leading” mean?

“New Zealand has a world leading quota management system”. A line the people of New Zealand hear all too often. Usually in response to a cry from the public about how something has gone amiss in our fisheries. But let’s stop and think about this. Firstly, for arguments sake, let’s say we are “world leading”….

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