We are working together to rebuild our inshore fisheries.

Who are we?

LegaSea is the public outreach and fundraising arm of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council.

LegaSea was established in 2012 to help the public understand the issues affecting our marine fisheries and environment and why we need to restore abundance. LegaSea raises funds to help resource the work the Council undertakes to ensure there are enough fish in the water for future generations.

Our 100% commitment

100% of public donations go towards building more abundant fisheries.

All LegaSea’s operating costs are met by commercial partners, sponsors and in-kind private donors. This means we can dedicate all public donations to our core work of advocacy, research and education.

These investments fuel our mission: to build abundant fisheries for both current and future generations of Kiwis.

Our Principles

Latest Updates

Articles / 4 October 2017

Crayfish campaign a success

Between July and September LegaSea ran a campaign – the ‘Crayfish Crisis’. It highlighted the collapse of the Crayfish 2 (CRA 2) stock and the need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Quota Management System. This campaign was developed following the March 2017 survey of more than 800 CRA 2 fishers and divers….

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Articles / 4 October 2017

Charm offensive not working

It’s been difficult finding anyone who believes the propaganda appearing on our screens that extols the virtues of the Quota Management System. Fishing corporates have spent millions in an effort to convince us that they are looking after our marine resources for our kids and grandkids and all is well. Nothing could be further from…

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Articles, Media Releases / 11 September 2017

Political parties united in call for inquiry into fisheries debacle

Labour and the Green Party have both come out in support of an inquiry into the management of New Zealand’s fisheries, leaving National as the only party which has declared itself unwilling to look into the issue in the lead up to the election. ACT, TOP and Mana have not responded to requests for a…

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Policies / 8 September 2017

Fisheries policy: The Labour Party

LegaSea asked the Labour Party to provide comment on their party’s fisheries policy. The Labour Party provided this statement.   Abundant, sustainable fisheries in a healthy marine environment  Labour’s primary focus will be on ensuring that our fisheries are sustainable and abundant and that ocean habitats are protected from the impacts of terrestrial and marine…

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Policies / 8 September 2017

Fisheries policy: The Green Party

LegaSea asked the Green Party to provide comment on their party’s fisheries policy. The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand provided this statement.    Abundant fisheries and sustainable seas Eugenie Sage, Green Party fisheries spokesperson The Green Party stands for protecting our oceans and ensuring healthy ecosystems and abundant fisheries. Sadly, under the National government,…

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