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Articles, Inquiry, Media Releases / 7 June 2017

Ministry fails in its duty of care

News that the Ministry for Primary Industries has failed to ensure cameras being installed on fishing boats are fit for purpose is just the latest in a series of failures by the ministry in overseeing New Zealand’s fisheries. Newshub’s Michael Morrah has uncovered an MPI report that suggests the cameras being installed to monitor fishing…

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Articles, Inquiry / 11 May 2017

Collusion and cover-ups continue

Over time various government functions have been passed over to Crown institutes and established researchers. This hand-over is acceptable if stakeholders have had a say, and if the transfer is to accredited parties. However, the passover of more fisheries management functions and administrative powers to FishServe, a company owned and operated by the fishing industry…

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Articles, Inquiry, Media Releases / 14 April 2017

LegaSea renews calls for a full inquiry into MPI activity

When the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) failed to prosecute industrial fishing boat captains for dumping catch it blamed legal advice for the decision. Now we are told that legal advice never existed. Instead, MPI used misleading information and misdirected both the Minister and the public as to why blatant dumping of fish recorded on…

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Articles, Inquiry / 9 November 2016

Plain truth would defeat a tangled web

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”, Sir Walter Scott, 1808. This quote refers to how complex life can get if you don’t tell the truth. It is derived from a play about a love triangle and yet it is so applicable to what is happening in fisheries circles…

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Articles, Inquiry / 25 October 2016

Blatant dumping – no rebuild

If the quota system is working so well why is the illegal and unreported dumping of fish still so prevalent? Several Ministry for Primary Industries’ investigations have revealed widespread dumping. Operation Achilles revealed that up to 100% of some quota fish were being discarded during every haul aboard trawlers. MPI has acknowledged this activity is impacting…

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