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Articles / 24 May 2017

Utilisation is key to the Kai Ika project

Until recently members of the Outboard Boating Club (OBC) discarded their fish heads and frames, while others in the community prize these parts of the fish for their sweet flesh. Hence the creation of the Kai Ika Project. The OBC now collects the unwanted fish heads and frames and Papatuanuku Marae collects them and shares…

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Articles, Media Releases / 18 May 2017

LegaSea launches FishCare at Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show

For over 60 years the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show has been the biggest and most popular boat show in the country so it was the obvious place for LegaSea to launch its FishCare programme to the public. “FishCare – The school of best practice” This is a bold and ambitious initiative being undertaken by…

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Articles / 17 May 2017

Survey shows all is not what it seems

In a recent survey, more than three quarters of the 822 respondents said they felt that the size and availability of crayfish rated poorly, just a one or two on a scale of 1-7. The survey, targeting people who collect crayfish between Pakiri and East Cape, produced results in stark contrast to the Ministry for Primary…

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Articles / 16 May 2017

Launch of FishCare

Recreational fishers have a pivotal role to play in the health of our fisheries. Not only do we need to speak with one voice in the policy management arena we also need to act responsibly when we operate in the marine environment. LegaSea has developed an educational programme; FishCare – the school of best practice…

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Articles, Inquiry / 11 May 2017

Collusion and cover-ups continue

Over time various government functions have been passed over to Crown institutes and established researchers. This hand-over is acceptable if stakeholders have had a say, and if the transfer is to accredited parties. However, the passover of more fisheries management functions and administrative powers to FishServe, a company owned and operated by the fishing industry…

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