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Articles / 29 November 2017

Privatisation means licensing

After 30 years of neoliberal free-market policies there are few public resources left that we can call our own, fresh water and fisheries are two that are currently under threat. Privatisation of freshwater aquifers for minimal returns has been one of 2017’s hot topics. The conversation around further privatisation of New Zealand’s saltwater fisheries has…

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Articles / 24 November 2017

Seagrass hides hidden treasures

For a long time we suspected that seagrass meadows were important to the life-cycle of fish, we just didn’t know how significant. A large-scale survey across New Zealand found regional differences in the species and numbers of juvenile fish hiding in amongst the seagrass beds. Undoubtedly further research will reveal more secrets over time. What…

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Articles / 23 November 2017

Appointment of new Minister signals a brighter future for all

LegaSea welcomes the new government’s decision to appoint Stuart Nash as Minister of Fisheries, the first step in breaking apart the monolith that is the Ministry for Primary Industries. All the signals so far point to a fresh approach to fisheries management, more meaningful engagement and potentially the inclusion of recreational interests in future decision-making…

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Articles / 14 November 2017

Sharing is conservation

A pilot scheme involving an Auckland boating club and local marae is drawing widespread acclaim for its conservation gains and the coming together of people from different walks of life. The joint project is underpinned by principles of sharing and caring for our environment and each other, and could easily be replicated in other parts…

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Articles / 28 October 2017

NIWA survey to count fish

Two important surveys are under way to measure harvest by marine recreational fishers. LegaSea encourages you to cooperate with the researchers if they phone you or approach you on the boat ramp. Over the next 12 months NIWA will be measuring and counting fish landed by recreational anglers at popular boat ramps. This large-scale survey…

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