Want to get more involved?

Restoring our fisheries is a big task and fisheries management is a complex realm. People constantly ask what can I do to help? Well, there are multiple ways in which you can have an impact.

1. Advocate for change
(They work for us. Don’t hesitate to tell them what concerns you)

a. Write to your MP.
b. Visit your MP.
c. Ask your MP a question about fisheries.
c. Follow us on Facebook, share posts with family and friends.

2. Touch, Move, Inspire

a. Find out more, sign up to LegaSea.
b. There is power in numbers, tell your mates, encourage them to sign up.
c. Request a subscriber booklet, encourage your community to learn more.
d. Volunteer and help make a difference.

3. Contribute to support LegaSea (Without putting your hand in your pocket)

a. ClubPower is a local utility provider. In 94% of the cases, they will save you money on your power bill. Plus, ClubPower donates a percentage annually to Legasea on your behalf.
b. Club Marine, insure your boat with Club Marine and they will donate 15% to LegaSea.

4. Contribute to support LegaSea

a. Show you care, wear the gear.
b. Make a one off donation.
c. Become a LegaSea Legend.

5. Become a corporate supporter (There are several choices to suit your organisation).

a. LegaSea Works.
b. Building LegaSea.
c. Become a Partner.