Contribute to rescue tarakihi

Fifty years of trawling, wastage and dumping has taken its toll on our fisheries. Over time, our tarakihi population on NZ’s east coast has dropped by 83%.

Fisheries New Zealand has only allowed 18 working days to make submissions on the future management of many important fisheries. Time is against us and we need you to dig deep. There is power in numbers. Your financial support will help.

Remember, each of us can make a little difference, together we can drive change. Collectively, even the most modest contribution has an impact. 

You can also make a contribution directly to our account. Please include your name and phone number as a reference so we can contact you to say thanks. Otherwise, send us an email with your contact details and we will be in touch

ASB 12-3237-0018632-00 LegaSea.

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