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Articles, Inquiry / 15 June 2016

New Zealand’s international reputation at stake

For 30 years New Zealanders have been sold the line that our Quota Management System is a world leader when it comes to both protecting fish stocks and encouraging a culture of stewardship. Kiwis and the world have been sold a pup.

Articles, Inquiry / 3 June 2016

Sequence of failures gives reason for change

Revelations there have been no prosecutions after investigations into blatant fish dumping, catch misreporting, and high grading aboard coastal and deep sea trawlers are alarming. Even more disturbing is the refusal of officials to acknowledge and address the underlying problems embedded in the Quota Management System (QMS). Realistically, the Ministry for Primary Industries is never…

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Inquiry, Opinion / 24 May 2016

Richard Baker: Who’s running our fisheries?

The Prime Minister once famously said that New Zealanders care more about snapper than the GCSB spying on Kiwis – and he may be right. The freedom to go out fishing, to bring home your catch and share the experience with family, friends and whanau is an essential part of New Zealand’s way of life….

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Inquiry, Media Releases / 24 May 2016

LegaSea calls for Commission of Inquiry

The Director-General of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Martyn Dunne has announced the appointment of a Queen’s Counsel to conduct an inquiry following revelations that his officials in MPI, decided not to prosecute industrial fishers filmed dumping overboard some or all of their catch. The terms of reference for the independent inquiry have been…

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Inquiry, Media Releases / 19 May 2016

MPI investigation is not enough

Recreational fishers are concerned that the proposed investigation into the dumping, wastage and cover-ups by the Ministry for Primary Industries does not go far enough. Only a full review into the Quota Management System will be sufficient to allay widespread public concern that the Ministry has been captured by commercial interests says LegaSea Spokesman Richard…

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