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Articles, Polls / 1 June 2017

FishCare survey results

LegaSea is developing a new programme called FishCare – The school of best practice. FishCare is an educational guide for recreational fishers offering simple tips on how to minimise the impacts of fishing on the marine environment. FishCare was publicly launched at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show from May 18th to 21st, 2017. The…

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Articles, Polls / 31 March 2017

Survey of recreational rock lobster fishers in CRA2

New Zealand Sport Fishing Council March 2017   Between January and March 2017 a survey was conducted to measure people’s perceptions of the state of the rock lobster (crayfish) fishery on the northeast coast of the North Island, known in management terms as CRA 2. Over 800 responses were received, with many respondents having dived…

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Articles, Polls / 3 November 2016

Snapper 1 survey report

November 2016   During October 2016 LegaSea ran an online survey to gauge recreational fishers’ reaction to the proposed Snapper 1 Management Plan, released for public comment on 2 September. The 12-question survey attracted 2596 responses in a week. LegaSea thanks all respondents for their prompt feedback. SNA1 Management Plan In 2013 there was unprecedented…

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Inquiry, Polls / 21 September 2016

Poll: Do you support LegaSea’s call for a Commission of Inquiry?

Do you support LegaSea’s call for a Commission of Inquiry into the Quota Management System? There is increasing public outrage over the decision by the Ministry for Primary Industries to not prosecute commercial fishers who admitted dumping fish. Video footage reveals between 20 and 100% of some quota fish were being discarded during every haul…

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