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Articles / 29 November 2013

Here’s to the fishers

One thing that has struck me in recent months is how people from all walks of life enjoy fishing. New Zealand is a wonderful melting pot of different cultures and people with varying backgrounds – but there is something wonderfully unifying in the form of a fishing rod. During the recent Save Our Snapper campaign…

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Articles / 10 November 2013

No sign of greedy recreational fishers

Allegations of greed have been made against those fishers who wanted to retain the existing snapper bag and size limits of nine snapper at 27cm. This highlights a couple of points. The first is that some people still don’t fully understand the bigger picture of the proposed changes to snapper 1 (and it is complex!), the…

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Articles / 2 October 2013

People versus Profits

Are private profits and export dollars really more important than the people of New Zealand? Nathan Guys decision on the snapper 1 fishery will tell us loud and clear where this governments allegiance lies – people or profits. Any day now (if not already) his decision will be announced. 48,000 submissions and 365,000 emails sent…

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Articles / 30 September 2013

Nathan Guy – will you Save our Snapper?

This month Nathan Guy, the Minister for Primary Industries is due to announce his decision that will determine the future of our snapper fishing through the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Hauraki Gulf and East Northland. Thank you to everyone who joined with LegaSea to make a stand and sent a submission to the Ministry to…

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Articles / 29 August 2013

Time to fight for our snapper

It is shocking that the Ministry for Primary Industries has proposed to slash snapper bag limits while the commercial sector is largely unaffected! The time has come for action. We are rallying support to fight for the future of our snapper fishery, fight for our voice to be heard, and fight against commercial greed and…

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