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Articles / 1 May 2013

Photo of Three Dumped Marlin Sparks Outrage

Recently you may have seen or heard about a photo of three dead marlin that were dumped by a commercial fishing boat off the Manukau Harbour. There was outrage and rigorous discussion on Facebook about it, because it was such a sad sight. For most of us catching a marlin is a challenging feat, where…

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Articles / 4 April 2013

Sealord Thinks We’re Dumb

It’s a pretty harsh statement, however Sealords latest TV ad is all about buying canned yellowfin tuna with the tag line “Smart Choice”. Now that’s dumb! Yellowfin tuna are almost extinct in New Zealand waters. Yes that’s right… extinct! This statement may be fuel for debate -­‐ and hopefully it is. Scientists, governments, and companies…

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Articles / 2 February 2013

An innovative way to conserve fish is a new innovation aimed at getting Kiwis to make the most of what they catch. Instead of whipping off the fish fillets and dumping the rest, people can now share the heads and frames with others who welcome the succulent bits of meat tucked in amongst the bones. LegaSea is supporting this initiative…

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Articles / 24 October 2012

LegaSea has broad appeal

LegaSea is a cause working for ‘more fish in the water for future generations’. To achieve that vision we need at least 20,000 people to get on board and make a contribution towards protecting our fishing interests, for now and the future. We have cracked the first ton. Now we are depending on broad-minded Kiwis…

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Articles / 10 September 2012

Charting our future

In Aotearoa we have four million residents, soon that will be six; more fish in the water will be needed to provide for future generations’ needs. Aside from northern kahawai, we have few examples of fisheries being managed with our kids’ interests in mind. Hence the need for LegaSea! As recreational fishers we neither have…

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