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Articles / 28 May 2013

Matt Watson calls for a Boycott of all Sealord Products

In case you missed it, there was an uproar in recent news over Sealords new TV advert hailing their yellowfin tuna in a can a “Smart Choice” premium product. And rightly so! Matt Watson calls Sealords latest TV advert “incredibly arrogant or ignorant… just ignorant of the state of the yellowfin tuna fishery”. Sadly yellowfin…

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Articles / 22 May 2013

Marlin not for sale

Regulations protecting striped marlin as a recreational-only fishery are under threat by commercial fishermen who want to keep and sell marlin. The Ministry for Primary Industries appears to be wavering in their support for the existing regulations. They will be advising the Minister, Nathan Guy, who will then decide whether to retain the status quo….

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Articles / 1 May 2013

Photo of Three Dumped Marlin Sparks Outrage

Recently you may have seen or heard about a photo of three dead marlin that were dumped by a commercial fishing boat off the Manukau Harbour. There was outrage and rigorous discussion on Facebook about it, because it was such a sad sight. For most of us catching a marlin is a challenging feat, where…

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Articles / 4 April 2013

Sealord Thinks We’re Dumb

It’s a pretty harsh statement, however Sealords latest TV ad is all about buying canned yellowfin tuna with the tag line “Smart Choice”. Now that’s dumb! Yellowfin tuna are almost extinct in New Zealand waters. Yes that’s right… extinct! This statement may be fuel for debate -­‐ and hopefully it is. Scientists, governments, and companies…

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Articles / 2 February 2013

An innovative way to conserve fish is a new innovation aimed at getting Kiwis to make the most of what they catch. Instead of whipping off the fish fillets and dumping the rest, people can now share the heads and frames with others who welcome the succulent bits of meat tucked in amongst the bones. LegaSea is supporting this initiative…

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