Switch CLUBPOWER – Powered up


Switch CLUBPOWER is a New Zealand utilities company and proud foundation LegaSea supporter.

Unwilling to ignore the mounting evidence that overfishing, pollution and antiquated commercial trawling practices are having on our inshore fisheries, Switch CLUBPOWER have made the decision to be more proactive in initiating change.

CLUBPOWER have offered to reduce LegaSea supporters energy costs and provide a donation to LegaSea. A win, win for everyone! If you have the desire to do more to help LegaSea, then this is a good place to start.

What do you need to do? Fill in the enquiry form. Switch CLUBPOWER will assess your energy usage. You should be pleasantly surprised.

Now is the time. Switch to CLUBPOWER, help rebuild our coastal fisheries. Save money, fish and support LegaSea. You can’t get a better hook up than that.


  • (If you don't have one handy. A savings comparison can be done over the phone)

Join Switch CLUBPOWER, help protect our coastal fisheries and save money – a true win, win, win.

Note: We are proud to promote our partners, especially if they may provide value to LegaSea supporters. By completing this form you are requesting contact from a Switch CLUBPOWER representative. LegaSea values and respects your privacy. We will never independently, or unbeknown to you share, or sell your information with any third party.

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