Our 100% commitment

We couldn’t exist without you. Everything we do is made possible by our generous and dedicated supporters.
Your donation is appreciated very much. Every dollar given is used to deliver work aimed at more abundant fisheries.

Core work funded by public donations:

  • Advocacy – professional input into fisheries management issues
  • Research – delivering robust, scientific research
  • Education – raising public awareness of the issues in our public fisheries
  • Working together – fostering further co-operation and alignment of LegaSea’s core values with other organisations. Fishing clubs and a variety of businesses that derive income from recreational fishing activity are our primary working together partners.

To fund our people and operating expenses we depend upon commercial partners / sponsors and in-kind private donors. These investments fuel our mission: to rebuild our fisheries and improve management practices, for both current and future generations of Kiwis.

Our bold promise to the general public is that every cent of your donations go directly toward funding work that leads to more abundant fisheries.

We need to make progress in conserving and rebuilding fish populations.

We need to tackle 21st Century management challenges.

This work cannot be done without the support of you, your circle of friends and family who are committed to better fishing futures.

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