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Yachting New Zealand

working TOGETHER

We have magnitudes in common with New Zealand sailors too. 

Like most Kiwis, sailors want a healthy marine environment, beautiful & accessible waterways, and many will catch the occasional kahawai or snapper for dinner after a day of snatching speed from the breeze. 

So we share a strong interest in the social and cultural wellbeing that the ocean provides – a fundamental part of the Kiwi identity - salt water and happy faces that we all cherish.


Race for space

Topping the list of shared ADVOCACY topics are Spatial Allocations & Aquaculture. 

It is important that the people who make decision around the use of our coastal spaces and waterways are enabled with really good information about how we use these spaces, so that they can make well-informed and good quality decisions.  And the best method to be both heard and listened to is by working TOGETHER & speaking with one, strong and united voice.    


And that’s exactly what LegaSea and the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council will be doing with Yachting New Zealand.  We’ll make sure that our voices are united on these issues, so that we promote high-quality, strong and professional ADVOCACY about the sticky issues of Spatial Allocations and Aquaculture.  


Aquaculture Position Paper

Check out the Yachting New Zealand Position Paper on Aquaculture, where they do a stirling job of advocating for the safe and secure anchorages that are irreplaceable to Kiwis who use our coastal waterways. 

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