Ever dream about fishing at work?

Many of our New Zealand fish stocks have reduced by over 80%. Now is the time to make a change.

What can you do?

  • Make a $250 contribution to LegaSea’s efforts in promoting the rebuild of our inshore fish stocks.
  • Share your support of this vision by proudly using the LegaSea Works logos in your office and business communications.
  • Feel encouraged that your support will help achieve a meaningful fishing experience when the work day ends.

What is LegaSea doing about our diminishing fish stocks?

  • Seeking to stop senseless waste by addressing issues such as banning inshore trawling within the 100m depth contour
  • Highlighting how recreational fishing contributes to our social, cultural and economic wellbeing.
  • Raising public awareness about the issues and providing tools so they can respond.
  • Engaging in effective management and educational processes to help rebuild the fishery to an abundant state of at least 40% of the original unfished biomass.
  • Supporting targeted research to get better outcomes for recreational fishers.
  • Monitoring and responding to commercial and Ministry for Primary Industries management proposals.
  • “Understanding the path to an abundant fishery is LegaSea’s expertise. Supporting them to do that job works for me.”

    Neil Johnson - Dentist

  • “Understanding the path to an abundant fishery is LegaSea’s expertise. Supporting them to do that job works for me.”

    Neil Johnson - Dentist

  • “Understanding the path to an abundant fishery is LegaSea’s expertise. Supporting them to do that job works for me.”

    Neil Johnson - Dentist

  • “Understanding the path to an abundant fishery is LegaSea’s expertise. Supporting them to do that job works for me.”

    Neil Johnson - Dentist

Supporter Information

Postal Address

Payment Information

$250 +GST

Invoice or Credit Card Required

To honour your commitment we provide:

  • Recognition on the LegaSea website as a LegaSea Works supporter
  • Use of the LegaSea Works logos on your business collateral
  • LegaSea Works certificate of appreciation
  • Regular LegaSea updates
  • The deepest thanks and respect


Is LegaSea Works tax deductable?


All LegaSea Works supporters gain access to the LegaSea Works logo and brand to promote your support for LegaSea. We will also proudly acknowledge all LegaSea Works supporters on our website. We view LegaSea works as an advertising and promotional expense for your business however we recommend you seek independent advice in regards to your businesses tax position.

Will you issue me a tax invoice/receipt?


Yes, we will email you a tax invoice/receipt including our GST number.

Can I use the LegaSea Works logo on my website?


Absolutely. In fact we encourage it. All LegaSea Works supporting organisations are provided with the LegaSea Works logos to use on your email signatures, websites, letterhead and other appropriate business collateral. It is important however that you refrain from using the LegaSea Works logo to imply product or business endorsement. Please refer to our logo use guidelines or ask us if you are unsure of any specific use. We will also provide you with a LegaSea Works certificate for the office.

I don't have a company credit card, can you invoice me?


We can send you an invoice, just select this option when signing up.

What will LegaSea do with the money?


Advocating and educating for an abundant fishery is expensive and requires a long term commitment. We need to be able to afford to:

Retain qualified and professional advocacy, research, education, lobbying, networking, and communications experts.

Embed recreational fishing rights in fisheries management policies

Commission research projects that will provide for better fisheries management decisions.

Distribute educational initiatives to promote conservation, utilisation and sustainable fishing practices.

Fund public communication and collateral to ensure information is readily available to the public in a variety of ways and covering a wide range of issues.

Generate funding support for any legal challenges required to defend public interest in our fisheries.

Will you keep me informed?


Yes, we'll report back with regular updates on our progress as well as keeping you aware of matters affecting the fishery.

My staff want to help too, what can they do?


Fantastic! We would love for them to become LegaSea Legends, follow us on social media and receive our regular email updates. Get in touch with us at works@legasea.co.nz to explore other ways they can get involved such as work volunteer programmes and office fundraisers.

Will you bill me again in 12 months?


Not automatically. We value your support and will get in touch to request you renew your commitment next year.

Can we give more?


All support is highly valued. If you feel you would like to give more whether in cash or in kind we have higher level sponsor partner categories which provide greater recognition and potentially tactical benefit in return. Please get in touch with us at works@legasea.co.nz to discuss these opportunities.

Are you a registered charity?


No, LegaSea is a wholly owned subsidiary of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Incorporated. A registered not-for-profit Society

Do you receive any form of Government funding?


No. LegaSea is apolitical and prefers to avoid any government funding which may be seen to influence necessary decisions LegaSea makes to seek sound fisheries management decisions which will ultimately lead to a more abundant fishery for all New Zealanders.