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Our fishing and environmental future is being debated in many forums, so it is critical we are engaged in these processes. LegaSea has enhanced the opportunities for the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council to be working TOGETHER with other groups and individuals seeking a similar vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations'.

Your contribution to LegaSea supports effective engagement in science and management processes, policy & marine protection discussions.

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has earned respect and a reputation for being a well-reasearched voice of reason.

Below is an outline of the Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and groups that the NZSFC, through LegaSea, has been working TOGETHER with, to achieve common-sense outcomes that will benefit future generations of New Zealanders.

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Blue Water Marine Research

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council & others are working TOGETHER with Blue Water Marine Research on a number of projects..........

blue water marine research


Greenpeace has been a regular contributor to Hokianga Accord hui. Greenpeace's input into forum hui is highly valued. Reports of their activities are varied and interesting.


Hokianga Accord

Flourishing relationships between the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, northern Maori, Greenpeace & other NGOs is a direct consequence of spending time together at Hokianga Accord hui.

hokianga accord

ITM Fishing Show

Matt Watson & the ITM Fishing Show are working TOGETHER with LegaSea & other NGOs to achieve the common vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations'........

itm fishing show

New Zealand Marine Research Foundation

The NZ Marine Research Foundation was established in 1990 to fund research on aquatic plants & animals, and to improve the understanding of the interactions between people and marine ecosystems.

nz marine research foundation

Southern Seabird Solutions

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, through LegaSea, is working TOGETHER with the Southern Seabird Solutions Trust & others to produce a Code of Practice.........

southern seabirds

Yachting New Zealand

LegaSea supporters have lots in common with the sailors associated with Yachting New Zealand. We want a healthy marine environment, clean & accessible waterways and catching a fish at day's end on the water is hard to beat........

yachting new zealand


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