For New Zealand to have sustainable and well managed fisheries that provide abundance for current and future generations


Success will be achieved through public support for our vision, engaging political parties to deliver on public friendly fisheries policy



Educating and engaging the public on fisheries matters

Advocating for sustainable abundance and fair public access in our fisheries

Giving the public the opportunity to encourage political parties to listen to what they want

Is not

Endorsing any particular political party

Denouncing any particular political party

How does it work?

We’ve sent all parties our 5 principles and specific policy recommendations for them to consider adopting.

Here, the public are being asked to show their support for the 5 principles, which will also show the political parties that there is support for the principles

Closer to the election, we will report back with the results. A clear analysis of how each party scored against our our 5 principles.

How you can help:

Show your support for the 5 principles to Tip the Scales by:

1. Filling in your details on the home page

2. Stepping up and getting your friends and family to do the same

3. Make an informed decision when it’s time to cast your vote

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