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By nature researchers tend to be modest creatures, keen to get stuck in and do the work they are good at, rather than shout too loudly about what they have achieved.

While this modesty trait is apparent with our team of people, and not all of their work is featured here, LegaSea wants to acknowledge how they contribute to the scientific base of marine knowledge.

Their work spans many areas of interest, from gamefish research, tagging programmes, turtles, snapper, kahawai, sustainable practices and environmental research.

Go team.

John Holdsworth
Kaye van der Straten
Cara Blomfield

John Holdsworth - Adviser - Research & Advocacy

John Holdsworth is our Fisheries Science Expert – the man who tells it like it is – using language that we can all understand.

John is Director of Bluewater Marine Research – a company that conducts a range of scientific research projects, with a special focus on recreational fish species and management issues. 

He has over 20 years of experience in fisheries research and is a member of multiple Ministry of Fisheries Science Working Groups including Highly Migratory Species, Inshore Finfish, and Marine Amateur Fisheries. 

John is often seated at the important decision-making tables, and he has this fantastic ability to translate complex fisheries management issues into simple concepts. 

Because of all this, and so much more, we think he is more valuable than gold. 

More power to John Holdsworth is what the crew at LegaSea have to say!

john holdsworth

Kaye van der Straten - Marine & Wildlife Biologist

Kaye provides marine fauna consultancy services through Wild Salt Ltd. These include marine fauna observer and passive acoustic monitoring services on exploration vessels; and research and advocacy services for New Zealand recreational fisheries. In addition, Kaye is developing services in photography focused on wildlife & wilderness areas; and can also provide technical and informal writing services on many aspects of fisheries, marine & wildlife biology.

Kaye has previously completed a postgraduate research thesis on the reproductive biology of male black marlin off the coast of North Queensland, and partially completed a PhD on the effects of rising sea surface temperatures on the reproduction of marine turtles. Kaye has been involved in satellite tagging projects of blue marlin in Hawaii and striped marlin in New Zealand.

She assisted Bluewater Marine Research in the development of the NZ Billfish Logbook Project the Kingfish Monitoring Project around the north-eastern coast of the North Island; and is currently working on recreational harvest estimates for New Zealand fisheries. She maintains a strong research interest in the long-term health and sustainability of pelagic game fisheries.

Kaye also has experience working for both NZ and Australian Government Departments on projects such as bycatch mitigation strategies for longline fisheries, inshore finfish management, and pest management programmes. Kaye has also been involved in volunteer projects for marine turtle egg recovery programs in Australia, Kokako chick recovery programmes in New Zealand, and more recently with Project Island Song in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.



Recreational Fisheries, Marine Biology, Marine Fauna Observer, Marine Mammal Observer, PAM Operator, Wildlife Biology, Research, Marine Conservation, Data Management, Legislation and Guideline Adherence, Photography, Technical Writing, Educational Writing, Informative Writing, Non-fiction Writing

kaye van der straten

Cara Blomfield - Marine Biologist & Teacher

Cara brings masses of energy & fresh perspective to the LegaSea crew. 

She is trained as both a Marine Biologist and a High School Science & Biology Teacher. 

Cara's passion is for the marine environment, education and sustainable practices, and she also has experience assisting in a variety of different marine biology & environmental research projects.

One of her main involvements is being part of the Niue Whale Research Team, and she has spent two seasons in Niue carrying out research and education programmes on Humpback whales.

Her skills, training & focus are extremely valuable to our Education projects, and she naturally brings an extensive network of positive working relationships with many marine education interest groups.  

Cara is valuable, energetic & adventurous.  She grew up sailing around New Zealand’s coast, exploring our islands, diving in our clean waters, loving fresh seafood and playing on our beautiful, sandy beaches. 

She joined the LegaSea crew at the beginning of 2012 after a 5 week expedition up the Amazon River in Brazil…. 

Hands up who’s got a case of the big green envy monster?

cara blomfield

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