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Summer report - February 2013



Thanks for your contributions, feedback and willingness to stand up for your future fishing interests. Check out where your contribution has made a difference to recreational fishing, by funding the Advocacy, Research, Education and working Together initiatives of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council.

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small crayfish Controversial Rock Lobster concessions
Taking crayfish below the minimum legal size is unacceptable, risky and has no mana. The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council advocates against the concessions allowing commercial fishers to take small crays.

free fish heads

Free Fish Heads
Matt Watson and LegaSea have initiated FreeFishHeads.co.nz to encourage fishers to make the most of what they catch, by sharing their unwanted fish heads & frames with people who would love to eat them. Watch the video to see how easy it is to share.....

scallop dredging

Scallops being raked by Victorian dredges
Commercial fishers are still using last-century box dredges to smash into Coromandel scallop beds. The NZ Sport Fishing Council submits for improving recreational access, and against the Ministy proposal to increase baseline commercial catch.

snapper plan Snapper 1 policy
An ambitious project has been launched to develop and implement strategies to double the size of depleted fisheries. The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council's first target fishery is Snapper 1, on the northeast coast.



legasea news

Latest news
Updates from the LegaSea team.



science and research

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council science & RESEARCH team have been charging through a vast array of draft research reports, attending meetings and generally staking our claim in the corridors of dry, brain-aching matter. Go team!

marlin management

Marlin management
Marlin is a non-commercial species in NZ waters. Commercial fishers want regulations relaxed so they can land striped marlin bycatch. The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council is blocking this change, asking instead for a ban on the importation and sale of marlin.



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