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Spring report - October 2012



Thank you very much for your contribution. Together we can and will make a difference.

The LegaSea crew

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snapper plan

Innovative plan for our largest snapper fishery
A plan to restore snapper abundance in East Northland, the Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Plenty could double the stock size in a matter of years.

hauraki gulf snapper

Amateur fishers most affected by Hauraki Gulf spatial plan
Momentum is building for a marine spatial plan from the Mokohinaus to Waihi Beach, potentially affecting recreational fishers more than any other group.

matt watson

Matt Watson is backing LegaSea big time
Matt Watson captures what it means to be a kid growing up and enjoying a life of fishing, providing food for his family & protecting fish for future generations.


It's event season
If you have an upcoming event or promotion then LegaSea wants to talk to you about being there or supporting you with some material. Contact us for more ...


legasea news

Latest news from LegaSea HQ, what's happening around the cities & towns of Aotearoa and most importantly what's happening on the ADVOCACY front.

marlin off menu

Marlin off the Menu
New Zealand's world class marlin fishery is threatened by the rapidly increasing commercial longline fleet in the South Pacific.

update 8

LegaSea springing into action
After a peak, a promise & lots of wind spring is here and so is LegaSea. In the past month the most popular enquiry has been for a Host Pack.

kahawai legal challenge

Our right to quality fishing
In May 2009 the Supreme Court confirmed recreational fishers had a right to quality fishing. What else was the Kahawai Legal Challenge about?

future search

Future Search analysis provides recommendations
The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council recommends LegaSea & voluntary advocacy over the Recreational Council's Future Search-statutory body establishment process.


australian conference

We are not alone
Australian recreational fishing conference exposes similar issues across the ditch, with discussions around rights, access, management and policy decisions.

nzmrf tuna summary

Ominous trends for NZ in Pacific yellowfin catch
Numbers of yellowfin captures in New Zealand have declined dramatically since longlining of tuna has increased in the Pacific.


Kingfish monitoring produces interesting results
Research into growth rates of Northland kingfish demonstrates that teenage fish were missing in 2010 & kingfish were bigger in 2011 than 2012. A 2-page summary.


hiwi the kiwi

Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing
Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing is a NZ Sport Fishing Council program initiated to teach kids how to enjoy, protect & use the marine environment in a safe & confident way.

ecosystems matter

Ecosystems and oceans matter
A brief explanation of the sea that surrounds us and what creatures you might encounter if you dare to enter these zones.


nitty gritty

Quick-fire index to LegaSea
LegaSea in brief. All you need to know in one place. It's all about us. Together. Go there!

host pack

Want to be a LegaSea host?
If you love the outdoors, the sea & marine life then you could be our next LegaSea host, especially if you have a business or frontage where the public waits for service.
LegaSea hosts are heroes. Check out the existing host outlets here......

skipper pack

Are you a Skipper?
If you are a skipper then this LegaSea Skipper Pack has been compiled with you in mind. This will make it easier for you to get your crew on board with LegaSea.

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LegaSea is on the usual 3 suspects - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Look up LegaSea NZ and like us, watch us, follow us & share us around. We welcome your input.

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fin nor tackle

Fin-Nor rods and reels are specialised for softbaiting, kingfish jigging and casting, and bottom fishing.

Jarvis Walker make a huge range of entry level quality rods and reels, for kids and adults.

jarvis walker tackle

This report is brought to you by LegaSea, the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, our partners and sponsors.