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Bringing back the Bite to.......RESEARCH

At this stage and depending on any attached criteria, LegaSea funds marked for RESEARCH projects are most likely to be directed to the New Zealand Marine Research Foundation (NZMRF), which was established in 1990.

The New Zealand Marine Research Foundation supports research on aquatic plants and animals, and on improving the understanding of the interactions between people and marine ecosystems. 

All funded RESEARCH needs to fit with the Vision of “more fish in the water & a healthy marine environment”. 

The New Zealand Marine Research Foundation has three internationally recognised & respected scientists of the Scientific Committee; they are Dr Peter Davie (Massey University), Dr Julian Pepperell (Australia) and Scientist Laurel Tierney.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna has been an important target and bycatch species for recreational fishers for 30 years. It is the absence of smaller yellowfin, which have not arrived in any number for most of the last decade, that has been the main cause of the decline in our recreational fishery.

This NZ Marine Research Foundation report describes & explains the trends in Yellowfin Tuna catch in New Zealand waters. It makes interesting reading................

yellowfin tuna report

Yellowtail Kingfish Tournament

Kingfish are a highly valued catch for recreational & charter fishers around northern New Zealand. Without doubt we have a world class kingfish fishery in the north.

Since 2010 the Ministry of Fisheries has funded research by Blue Water Marine Research & NIWA to collect length and some age data on kingfish caught during the Bay of Islands International Yellowtail Tournament.

In 2012 some interesting & positive results were produced..................

kingfish tournament results

The ongoing collection of length data to monitor kingfish in Northland is supported by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, the NZ Fishing Competition and Fin-Nor, to enable recreational fishers to gather useful information to help monitor kingfish stocks.

Blue Water Marine Research contributes its time to LegaSea free of charge.

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