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Paua 5D Otago - Southland


Minister's paua decision

Nathan Guy has agreed to retain the closures excluding commercial paua harvesting from important areas of the Otago and Southland coastline. These areas sustain paua for the people of Otago and Southland, enabling people to provide for their family's social and cultural wellbeing, while protecting the resource for future generations. Nice one Nathan!

Read the MInister's paua decision media release here.......

Paua battle almost over

Paua to the People (PTTP) advise the final Paua 5D stakeholder meeting was held on Wednesday 27 November in Dunedin.

Nine months after passionate New Zealanders first mobilised in their fight to protect one of the treasures of NZ's south, the battle is finally drawing to a close.

PTTP are confident Minister Guy will draw the obvious conclusion that these presently closed areas ought to remain closed to commercial fishing, yet the campaign will continue until the status quo is guaranteed.

Further details on this latest development are here....



Around 165 kilometres of the Otago - Southland coastline is closed to the commercial harvest of paua.

In March 2013 the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) released an industry proposal to change the regulations to enable commercial access to around 25 kms of this closed area.

The Ministry support the proposal.

We do not.

The LegaSea and New Zealand Sport Fishing Council teams support the locals in objecting to any regulatory change.


Television coverage

TVNZ ran a story about what's happening. It's a good overview of the issue.

Keeping paua for the people.


Hundreds of local recreational fishers have expressed their opposition to the proposal.

A website and Facebook page have been established to enable the public to express their views and make a submission.

Advocacy in action

We advocate that the productivity of the Paua 5D fishery ought to be maintained for environmental and public interests first. Export sale for private profit should come after these local needs have been met.

Paua is a traditional harvest that honours both the people who are fortunate to be served the food and those that are giving it. Whilst these benefits may be difficult to quantify, they are genuine and ongoing, and need to be maintained for our future generations.

Concerns are that this proposal is a calculated step to gaining more quota in the future, while depleting existing non-commercial only areas.

paua shells and education

Photo credit: Grant Dixon

Paua 5D submission

We have attached a copy of the Paua 5D submission made to MPI by the NZ Sport Fishing Council, our team of experienced fisheries management advocates.


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To find out even more, visit the NZ Sport Fishing Council website and read all about the Paua 5D Otago - Southland fishery.

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