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How many of us have had long discussions with our friends and families about the way things have changed over time, the differences in fish and shellfish abundance, and the declining health of our coastlines and waterways? 

How many of us are worried about these things? 

How many of us feel like the foundation of our treasured Kiwi lifestyle is constantly undervalued and threatened by economic progress?


Coordinated response to concerns

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has heard these concerns time and time again, not just from recreational fishers, but from all Kiwis – tangata whenua, environmentalists, families, and general everyday people. 

And the Council knew very well that these concerns were valid – after all, the Council has invested significant sums of money into expensive ADVOCACY projects that are critical to representing the rights of New Zealanders to fish and pass a legacy of abundance onto future generations.

Surely there had to be a better way, an easier and more sustainable way to protect our Kiwi identity and lifestyle that depends on abundant fisheries and a clean marine environment.  A classically simple Kiwi way to create a legacy for future generations.


And so the idea for LEGASEA was born 

LegaSea is a new and dynamic way to make sure that the objective of 'Fish for the People' isn’t just a dream – but becomes a REALITY. 

Given half a chance most Kiwis want to invest in conserving our fisheries and enhancing our fishing experience, for now and the future – because we are all islanders.

Abundant fisheries and a healthy marine environment contribute to our wellbeing.  It’s something that we all have in common, and something we want to leave for our kids and theirs.

So the purpose of LEGASEA is to make sure that the hard stuff that is needed to achieve the objective doesn’t rely on the generosity of just a few deep pockets. 

If we each make a regular contribution (you can choose weekly, monthly or annual option) then together we will be able to make a massive difference.

And isn’t this the perfectly simple, no.8 wire approach to solving the problem? 

We think so. 

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