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Firstly, thank you so much for your support of LegaSea!
Your contribution to LegaSea last year has helped make a difference to our fishing future.

We've been steaming ahead with some great results over the past year. And we need your ongoing support to make sure this effort continues. We now have weekly, monthly or annual options for contributing.

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At LegaSea our activities are focused in four areas: Advocacy, Research, working Together & Education. Here’s a bit about what's been happening in each area.

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Our Marlin are NOT for sale.

Our Marlin are NOT for sale.

A massive thank you to all the passionate people who joined with LegaSea to save our marlin from commercial exploitation.

On the 22nd of May LegaSea launched a campaign calling for public support to protect the recreational-only status of our marlin.

Within three days more than 3000 people had urged the Minister to keep marlin out of the quota system.

By Friday afternoon the Ministry backed away and confirmed there would be no changes.

Thanks to MPI and the Minister, Nathan Guy, for having the foresight to make this decision.

And thank you for standing with us and making your voice heard!

Working Together

Working Together with groups such as Greenpeace, we've supported the call for tougher measures to ensure the long term conservation and sustainable use of tuna and billfish stocks.

Success at last!

In 2012 John West caved under pressure and agreed to stop sourcing tuna from operators using destructive fishing methods. Finally, after two years of campaigning, Sealord announced last month they would do the same.

This FAD fishing video is quite disturbing, but shows how horrific and destructive purse seine fishing with Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) can be.

Because of your support we can all look forward to a future of sustainably caught tuna.

A fantastic outcome that shows that by Working Together we really can make a difference.


Image: Alex Hoffard -Greenpeace


Image: Cara Blomfield

Thanks to NZ Fishing News, Bay Fisher and NZ Fishing World magazines, who are right in there behind us. Every month they publish LegaSea updates so we can let you know what's happening in the wonderful world of fisheries, issues that may affect you and what we're doing about it.

Over the summer LegaSea attended numerous fishing tournaments and events, reaching out to thousands of Kiwi fishers promoting the legacy we want to leave for our kids and grandkids. Many people have thanked us for standing up for what we all value – more fish in the water and a healthy marine environment.

Share this email with your friends and family - an easy way to help us spread the word further. was launched in partnership with Matt Watson, a staunch LegaSea Ambassador. The message is simple, if you don’t eat the heads and frames of fish you catch, share them with families in your community (don’t throw them away!).

Coverage of Free Fish Heads has been on TV, in magazines, on websites and news sites & Facebook. Our aim is to bring people together, make them happy and reduce unnecesary waste.Feedback from both fishers and families has been fantastic!

Over 1300 people have registered on the website to feast on the sweet, succulent meat tucked in amongst the heads & frames.

LegaSea even offered a fish filleting service at competitions where whole communities were fed with the ‘proceeds’. Check out the fish filleting action on Facebook »

If you haven’t checked it out, visit and give away a few yourself, you’ll feel great afterwards.

Free Fishheads

Advocacy and Research

Our team at the NZ Sport Fishing Council are our fisheries management experts - a mammoth task! On behalf of their 32,000 members and LegaSea supporters they keep their finger on the pulse of proposed changes to policy, quota, management, working groups et al. And they fight to protect our interests in having a healthy fishery.

Check out this long list of the work they've undertaken for snapper, paua, crayfish, scallops & more. They do this work to protect us and oppose poor fisheries decisions.

Snapper will be a hot topic this year. Recreational fishers may be facing bag limit decreases to make way for more commercial quota. Find out more about snapper here and stay informed by clicking "Get Updates".

For a full overview of our fisheries management Advocacy & Research work please read the annual report.

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More Advocacy, more Education campaigns, more Research and working Together with other organisations. More fish in the water.

We'll continue to stay abreast of fisheries management decisions that affect us. LegaSea, through the NZ Sport Fishing Council, will fight for the rights of recreational fishers and keep you posted via our newsletters, Facebook & website, so you can have your say, 'share' or 'like' or 'comment' and help us bring about change.

Thank you to our dedicated sponsors and business supporters: Thompson Walker, Black Magic, Wave Dancer, Pure Fishing, Ocean Angler, Reel Adventures, FishGrid, Charter Connection, Hutchwilco Boat Show, Tackle It, Icey Tek, Soar Printing, Think Creative, Axys (NZ) Ltd, Ian Wills, Robert A Conaghan, Alexto Sport (2000) Ltd, ITM Fishing Show, Capn Hook NoEql Fishing Rigs,, Wilson & Macindoe, Amex Custom Prints, Chesters Plumbing & Bathrooms and our fantastic volunteers.

We have over 70 businesses displaying our LegaSea messages as well. A big thank you to those supporters. Find how you can order a host pack here.

From the LegaSea team, a huge thank you for your ongoing support. Please renew your contribution now.

Image: Kaye van der Straten


Image: Dan Godoy - 0800 LEGASEA (534 273) -
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