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Little Barrier Island

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LegaSea made a submission in support of a more integrated approach to marine protection in New Zealand. It's all very well talking about protecting biodiversity in pockets of no- take marine reserves, but if we don’t reduce overall fishing catch and effort it is inevitable that biodiversity in neighbouring areas will degrade as more effort is displaced to these areas.

Read our full submission


Surf Clams

Recent fisheries management decisions

Minister Nathan Guy has released a number of fishery review decisions including crayfish, scallops and surf clams.

We welcome a 15% decrease to commercial catch limits of crayfish in the Wellington/Hawkes Bay area (CRA 4). This decrease is greater than what was initially suggested.

Unfortunately the Minister’s decision on surf clams was not so positive. Total allowable commercial catch (TACC) limits increased substantially for four species of clams in the Nelson and West coast area (FMA 7) ranging from 94 to 700%! LegaSea asked for no increases until a management and research plan was developed to better ascertain the stocks and ecology.

Despite the risks, the commercial catch limit for Coromandel scallops was increased in 2013 after a new bed of scallops was discovered in the Hauraki Gulf. Less than 3 years later that bed has disappeared and the Minister has halved the TACC.

Read the Minister’s full decisions and LegaSea’s submissions.

Seaweek 2016

LegaSea volunteers helped beach clean-up activities which resulted in 10,000 litres of trash being collected from around the Manukau Harbour. Hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE) and supported by a range of government and charitable organisations, Seaweek focuses on inspiring all New Zealanders to renew their connections with the sea.


Win the Dream with Honda

Dreams Can Come True

Our dream to rebuild New Zealand’s inshore fishery took a step closer to reality last month with our long term supporter Honda Marine becoming a full LegaSea Gold Partner.

“Honda Marine is committed to conserving the ocean. We’re passionate about eco-friendly fishing and believe we need to respect our fish and eliminate wasteful fishing practices” says Ian Biddick of Honda Marine. “We stand with LegaSea in rebuilding New Zealand’s fishery and value the need to protect and conserve our marine life for the benefit of future generations”.

To help celebrate, Honda Marine is giving you the chance to Win the Dream.

Hurry last date for entry is 31 March 2016.


Thanks for your support and feedback.


Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve, Murray, Josh, Cush and the team at LegaSea.


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