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Keeping on top of changes to our fisheries

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While we've been fishing and sunning ourselves the fisheries team has been compiling submissions to a number of proposed management changes as well as the proposed new marine protected areas legislation.

This week, our team will make submissions on issues relating to the future management of crayfish in four areas, deemed value rates applying to excess commercial catch, a substantial increase to commercial shellfish catch limits in the Marlborough region and a lower commercial catch limit of scallops around Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. We've summarised our views so it is easy for you to make your own submission by this Thursday, 11th February. Send your submission to FMSubmissions@mpi.govt.nz

Crayfish reductions possible

crayfish reductions possible

Commercial crayfish catch reductions have been proposed for the area south of Gisborne to Wellington, and up the west coast to the Kaipara. New rules are also proposed for two other areas.

Excessive exploitation of South Island surf clams

South Island surf clams

Recreational fishers in Marlborough are feeling intimidated by the frequent commercial dredging of clams in the surf zone just off Cloudy Bay. Commercial harvesters have consistently exceeded their harvest limit. Instead of controlling catch the Ministry propose increases to these limits, between 99% and 740%. Is this sustainable management?

Coromandel scallops review

Coromandel Scallop Review

Centuries old Victorian box dredges are still being used to commercially harvest scallops around Auckland and the Bay of Plenty. Scallop numbers have plummeted and a 50% reduction in the commercial catch limit has been proposed. In our submission we will be highlighting the damaging effects of these dredges on scallops, on the seabed and habitats important to finfish species such as snapper.

Failed deemed value system

commercial fishing boat

The deemed value system has failed to constrain commercial catch in important fisheries. We will be submitting in support of a more flexible mechanism to ensure that all legal commercial catch, intentional or not, is landed and accounted for in the annual reporting and stock assessment processes.

Marine Protected Areas legislation

A recreational fishing park in the Hauraki Gulf and Marlborough Sounds is being used as a sweetener to garner support for a new process to establish a network of no-take marine reserves. For fishing interests these Marine Protected Areas proposals are the biggie because there will only be the same or declining abundance of fish and reduced access.

Public submissions close on the 11th March.

We recommend you read our preliminary views prior to making your submission.

Fisheries Management Operational Review

We also recommend you read our response to the current review of our fisheries management system. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so hard for us to achieve meaningful change this submission will help you better understand the roadblocks, and what we need to do to restore abundance.

LegaSea doesn’t have all the answers but we do know that it’s time we all stopped pretending that New Zealand has a ‘world leading’ Quota Management System.

This recent submission offers a range of legislative, administrative and management solutions to restore abundance, productivity and diversity in New Zealand’s inshore fisheries and marine environment.

Read a summary of the submission or alternatively the full submission here.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.


Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve, Murray, Josh, Cush and the team at LegaSea.


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