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Merry Christmas from LegaSea

Hi #Salutation#,

Christmas for many of us is a time to give thanks and to reflect on the year that’s been and consider the opportunities that the future might hold. We’re grateful for you – you guys give us the support and encouragement we need to keep going – to ensure that our future generations have a fishery they can be proud of.

A pragmatic approach to rebuilding our fisheries
This week we made a submission to the fisheries management review. We have made a range of recommendations which seek to achieve greater abundance in our inshore fisheries. We will explain our recommendations further in the New Year but if you are really keen you can read the submission here.

The Ministry’s policy team will be collating all submissions and reporting to the Minister in early 2016. A formal consultation process is expected mid-year when we expect to have more input.

LegaSea’s Heart Gets a Rev
Yamaha Motor New Zealand’s Marine Division has given LegaSea’s heart a rev this month by confirming their support as one of LegaSea’s valued Gold Partners.

"There’s a natural synergy between LegaSea’s vision for building long term abundance in our fisheries and the values inherent to Yamaha’s philosophy. Not only do we wish to deliver our customers exceptional product quality and life-time satisfaction, we also seek to be environmentally and socially responsible; a healthy and productive New Zealand fishery is important to us all" says Yamaha’s Matt Walton-Smith.


Yamaha provides us with a great boost in confidence when our efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated by such an iconic and passionate marine brand.


LegaSea Daiwa Tackle Testers Announced
Our LegaSea Legends were all given the exclusive chance to apply to be one of five Daiwa Tackle Testers this summer. The response was outstanding and demonstrates that a LegaSea Legend not only cares about our fisheries they take great care of their gear and techniques to fish with respect.

The five tackle testers chosen by Daiwa were - Simon Borich and Curtis Harris who will each test the Daiwa Lexa Set. Blair Sheat and Kane McElrea who will each test the Daiwa Legalis Set and Brian Grey who will test the Daiwa Nero set. We look forward to your feedback guys.

Daiwa Tackle Testers

Thanks also to Daiwa for making this opportunity available exclusively to our team of LegaSea Legends. Help support LegaSea by becoming a LegaSea Legend.


NIWA needs help with kahawai survey
NIWA staff will be conducting voluntary surveys at 21 boat ramps between Mangonui in east Northland and Ohope in the Bay of Plenty next Jan-Apr as part of a program to monitor changes in the structure of the kahawai population.

They are asking for help from recreational anglers as they hope to interview fishers returning to the boat ramp. LegaSea support the good work NIWA do and encourage anglers to participate where possible.


Please stay safe out and around water this summer.

Merry Christmas from Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve, Murray, Josh, Cush and the team at LegaSea.


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