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The birds are coming!

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Thousands of our migrating seabirds are returning home to New Zealand after a long-haul flight from the Northern hemisphere or across the Pacific.

Let's look after the birds by fishing smarter.

Birds use sight and smell to hunt for food so keep your boat or fishing area clean. Keep fish scraps and old bait in a covered bucket while you fish.

We all know it's more fun tangling with a fish than a sharp beak so let's all do our best to avoid attracting seabirds in the first place.

Flesh foot petrel

Flesh foot petrel. Image: Neil Fitzgerald.

Check out the seabird safe release guidelines before you go out and make sure you've got the right tools with you - just in case.

Youtube - Rob Southwick

We've fielded many great questions regarding the research into the economic contribution of recreational fishing to New Zealand.

The New Zealand Marine Research Foundation brought leading researcher, Rob Southwick, to New Zealand last month.

While Rob was here we grabbed answers to a few of your questions. The results of the research will be available early next year.

Find out more and help support the research visit www.whatsfishingworth.co.nz

Marlborough Sounds blue cod management changes have been announced. Many of the new measures align with our submission made in June.

The controversial 'slot rule' that saw thousands of dead and dying fish returned to the sea has been abandoned in favour of a new recreational minimum legal size of 33cm. The seasonal closure from 1st September to 19th December now applies to commercial fishers.

These are some of the positive outcomes for the fishery from the Minister's decision, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

LegaSea is concerned the 70 tonne commercial catch limit remains intact while recreational fishers continue to bear the brunt of management changes.

Given the importance of blue cod in this region, the Minister must start making more balanced decisions for the sake of the fishery and local's interests.

Nathan Guy

For the first time in 30 years there will be a review of the fisheries management system.

Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries, announced the review on 19th August. The Ministry's deadline for input into this phase of the project is 30th November.

MPI is planning a public consultation process next year.

We'll keep you informed of our involvement, recommendations and submissions as we work to improve management outcomes for the fisheries and our fishing interests.

There is so much we could do better.

Hunting & Fishing go Platinum

LegaSea has great pleasure in announcing Hunting & Fishing New Zealand as an elite Platinum Partner.

A recent fundraising exercise for LegaSea held by Hunting & Fishing’s owner network raised over $15000 for LegaSea. This was made possible with additional support from suppliers and friends of Hunting & Fishing including Matt Watson.

This brings Hunting & Fishing’s overall contribution to LegaSea to well in excess of $20,000 for the 2015 year.

Hunting and Fishing

"The health of New Zealand’s future rests to large extent on how we look after our environment and we are all tasked with a responsibility to do our bit to preserve and conserve our wild natural resources”, says Hunting & Fishing’s General Manager Trent Smith.

"We are proud to support the work LegaSea is doing to promote more abundant fisheries for the enjoyment and benefit of all New Zealanders”, says Smith.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.


Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve, Murray, Josh and the team at LegaSea.


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