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Reducing waste is a priority

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This time of year there can be a surprising number of small fish in our popular fishing spots. These fish are vulnerable to mishandling, gut hooking and dying after release.

LegaSea encourages all fishers to learn new ways to reduce waste by killing fewer small fish and avoiding gut hooking. Changing target species with the seasons is also recommended.

LegaSea’s #1 Principle is to rebuild the fishery. Our priority has to be on reducing wastage.

Learning how to release lip hooked fish and venting fish with protruding stomachs will help with the rebuild.

Studies have shown gut hooked fish have very poor survival rates (5-15%), in most species, compared to 90% or more for lip hooked snapper caught in 14 to 20 metres of water.

snapper legasea

Recent NIWA advice on snapper indicates all fishers can contribute to the rebuild target, if we look after the juveniles and their favoured habitat.

LegaSea encourages you to read our suggestions for best practice techniques in our latest Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).


Got a question about fisheries management or LegaSea?

Can a restaurant legally cook your catch and do you have to pay?

We’ve put answers to some Frequently Asked Questions online here.

If these don’t answer your questions please contact us with your query.

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News bites

How much is fishing worth?

how much is fishing worth

Recreational fishing is more popular now than in 2007 and interest is growing. Fishing ranks as the 2nd most popular recreation for men and 9th amongst women. Despite its popularity, no one knows how much our recreational fishing contributes to the national economy, but that is about to change.

Recreational fishing parks a distraction

recreational fishing parks a distraction
Prior to last year’s election recreational fishing parks were promoted as a means to enhance fishing opportunities for Kiwi families. Rather than having selective pockets, LegaSea is keen on growing the abundance and productivity of fish stocks across the entire management area.

Embracing abundance by reducing waste

reducing waste
Both commercial and recreational fishers can do more to avoid catching and killing small fish before they reach their prime. Reducing waste will contribute to rebuilding our precious fisheries. As the fishery rebuilds the number of large fish available is expected to increase.

Gamefish tagging news

gamefish tagging news

It was a notable season for the return of modest numbers of yellowin tuna to NZ. The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council encourages fishers to tag and release subsequent captures of yellowfin tuna and swordfish. Marlin fishing was sporadic on the northeast coast and good at times on the northwest coast.

LegaSea Legends

legasea legend

LegaSea Legends is a new initiative recognising people who contribute to LegaSea and are committed to fishing and conserving fish for future generations. If you’ve been a regular contributor or want to start now, find out more and sign up to receive your welcome pack.

Mussel growth causing excitement

revive our gulf

Revive our Gulf is a volunteer group working to restore mussel beds and aquatic health in the Hauraki Gulf. There was recent excitement with the discovery of new growth in the mussel beds replanted in 2013.

Joint effort for Marlborough Sounds Blue cod

marlborough sounds blue cod

A collective effort by five national or local groups resulted in a joint submission supporting consistent rules and more abundant Blue cod in the Marlborough Sounds. The joint submission was sent to the Ministry on 30th June. The Minister, Nathan Guy, will make a decision by December.

Seabirds - nature's fish finders


Seabirds are nature’s fish finders and an anglers best friend. They can get tangled in fishing line and nets or caught on hooks.  

Small changes in the way we all fish can make a big difference to seabird survival – you might catch more fish too! 

seabirds natures fish finders

LegaSea signs three new Gold Partners

legasea partners

We are pleased that our long standing supporters, The Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, Black Magic and Wasabi have recently elevated their status to LegaSea Gold Partners.

Our Partners are highly valued as they support the operating costs of LegaSea and assist us to communicate with the large recreational fishing community. To become a LegaSea Partner simply contact LegaSea.

Tag and release a friend


Key elements to securing abundant fisheries are numbers and education. People need to understand what is happening to our fisheries. Please ask at least two people to join our e-news list so they receive important info direct to their inbox.

Click here to send them an email or fire them off a text "Hey guys, please join the LegaSea e-news at www.legasea.co.nz just hit 'get updates' to join".

Did you know?


In the past three months our advocates at the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council have promoted our recreational and environmental interests at a variety of forums and attended more than 13 technical meetings?

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Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve, Murray and the team at LegaSea.

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