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Boat Show and giant tuna

Hi {FIRST_NAME|Supporter},

One of the most encouraging aspects of the recent Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show at Auckland Showgrounds was the willingness of people to talk with our team and share their fishing experiences with us.

Your tales of success were heartening and the excitement from the young ones was particularly pleasing.

It was disappointing to hear about depletion in areas that have traditionally been happy hunting grounds.

If you were one of those people that visited our stand between the 14th and 17th May thanks for the stories, your support and feedback on how we can do things better. We are constantly striving to improve our communications so we reach more people and your suggestions are highly valued.

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matt watson giant tuna

Matt Watson and his prize tuna

Matt Watson has sold a life-size print of the estimated 500kg Giant Bluefin tuna he caught while filming the ITM Fishing Show in Nova Scotia.

The winning Trade-Me bidder paid $475 for the wall hanging and 100% of that money has been given to LegaSea.

Matt and the ITM crew continue to give LegaSea valuable support and this is much appreciated as we strive to achieve abundant fisheries and a quality fishing experience for us, our kids and theirs.  

Thanks Matt, Marara, Bill and the ITM Fishing Show crew. You guys rock!


Got a question about fisheries management or LegaSea?

What do you do when fishing around seabirds?

We’ve put answers to some Frequently Asked Questions online here.

If these don’t answer your questions please contact us with your query.

frequently asked questions management

News bites

Have a say on Marlborough Sounds Blue cod


Fishing controls for Blue cod in the Marlborough Sounds and upper South Island are being reviewed. Submission deadline is 30 June.

This is the first time in 4 years that you have the chance to influence future management of this prized fishery. Make the most of this opportunity to have your say.

marlborough sounds blue cod

Celebrating 5 years since Supreme Court kahawai ruling

supreme court kahawai ruling
Recreational fishers continue to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling that changed the fisheries management landscape in New Zealand. In a landmark decision in 2009 the Supreme Court confirmed the Minister can apply discretion when allocating fisheries resources, proving the public can influence how fish stocks are managed for the benefit of future generations.

You can help us learn more about grey mullet

niwa grey mullet survey
NIWA is seeking your help and local knowledge to better understand grey mullet and their habitats. Fill in the survey or email the research team and tell them where in past you have seen mullet, where you see them now and what condition they are in. This is citizen science in action. Get stuck in, add to this research and help us all learn more!

Opportunity lost in crayfish review


There are outcomes from the recent crayfish management review that are bad news for us. Of most concern is that under the current regime we are unlikely to see a rebuild of crayfish along our coastline any time soon.

Local fishers are concerned about depletion of crayfish in their area. If crayfish stocks are this bad now what are they going to be like in five, 10 or 15 years time when our kids are old enough to forage for that special occasion?

crayfish review

Future management of Snapper 1

future management of snapper 1

A combined stakeholder working group has met 16 times to discuss the future management of Snapper 1, between North Cape and the eastern Bay of Plenty. A draft report to the Minister is underway.

Rebuilding inshore ecosystems

rebuilding inshore ecosystems

Our goal is to rebuild snapper as part of restoring abundance, diversity and resilience to the whole inshore marine ecosystem. Other finfish, seabed species and habitats important for spawning and juvenile fish need protecting too!

Hauraki Gulf Spatial Plan

hauraki gulf spatial plan

For 7 months our team was involved in the Hauraki Gulf Sea Change marine spatial planning process. The fixed position of interest groups involved in the process was unhelpful in finding novel ways to improve the ecology of the Hauraki Gulf.

Seabirds - nature's fish finders


Seabirds are nature’s fish finders and an anglers best friend. They can get tangled in fishing line and nets or caught on hooks.  

Small changes in the way we all fish can make a big difference to seabird survival – you might catch more fish too! 

seabirds natures fish finders

Tag and release a friend


Key elements to securing abundant fisheries are numbers and education. People need to understand what is happening to our fisheries. Please ask at least two people to join our e-news list so they receive important info direct to their inbox.

Click here to send them an email or fire them off a text "Hey guys, please join the LegaSea e-news at www.legasea.co.nz just hit 'get updates' to join".

Did you know?


In the past three months our advocates at the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council have promoted our recreational and environmental interests at a variety of forums and attended more than 12 technical meetings?

did you know?
Keep up with the advocacy index here.
Learn more about our research efforts here.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.


Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve and the team at LegaSea.

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