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Speak up for Marlborough Blue cod

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Blue cod are important ecologically. They are also the 3rd most popular recreational species harvested, by number, nationally.

For generations Blue cod were the main target species in the Marlborough Sounds.

Locals and visitors are concerned that too many Blue cod are dying unnecessarily because of the complex rules that apply in the Sounds, and that some recreational fishers are ignoring the regulations because they are unfair.

For the first time in four years management of Marlborough Sounds Blue cod is being reviewed.

A multi-stakeholder group, the Blue Cod Management Group, is urging you to have your say.

Potential management options will be developed over the next two months and the Group needs your feedback. NOW.

LegaSea encourages you to make a submission and share your views on the rules that ought to apply, or be removed, in the Marlborough Sounds Blue cod fishery.

marlborough sounds bluecod

Your feedback can be a few sentences or several pages.  Email you comments to the Blue Cod Management Group, at: MSbluecod@mpi.govt.nz.

More detail about the Marlborough Sounds Blue cod review process is online.


Got a question about fisheries management or LegaSea?

What do you do when fishing around seabirds?

We’ve put answers to some Frequently Asked Questions online here.

If these don’t answer your questions please contact us with your query.

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News bites

Otago recreational fishers bear brunt of crayfish decisions

crayfish decisions 2015

Commercial catch limits in the Otago crayfish stock have more than doubled in the past two years. The latest increase applies from April 1st even though the concession enabling the commercial harvest of undersized crayfish remains. Nathan Guy’s decision for five crayfish stocks and our earlier submission are online now.

Crayfish leftovers not good enough

legasea update nz fishing news

There are ongoing issues related to the management of our crayfish. We need to be sure that our long-term interests are protected and we have reasonable access to this prized shellfish.

Tuna fishing increases despite depletion

legasea bayfisher update

Given the state of tuna stocks it is incredible that regional authorities have allowed more than 6,000 industrial fishing vessels to target tuna in the western and central Pacific.

Dumping and wastage must stop!

legasea nz fisher update
Fish dumping and unnecessary wastage in our fisheries has to stop, and many of you have the handiest tools to address it – your cellphone camera. Take photos and call the Ministry ASAP on 0800 4 POACHER.

Exciting reappearance of yellowfin tuna

legasea nz fishing world update
It seems that yellowfin tuna are not gone forever from New Zealand waters. Dare we hope this season is just the start of their return, or is this just a painful reminder of the superb fishery that has been lost?

Surprising results from recreational catch survey

legasea bayfisher update
Over 4.5 million snapper, 1.1 million kahawai and 680,000 Blue cod were caught and kept by recreational fishers during 2011-12. These are the 3 most popular species, by number, in New Zealand. These and other useful results from the National Panel Survey have been summarised in this 1-pager.

Go Fuel Westhaven Fishing Classic

gofuel westhaven fishing classic

A few hours fishing with family and friends brought day-long smiles to hundreds of people. This clip captures the emotions and excitement that recreational fishing brings to young and older New Zealanders.

Seabirds - nature's fish finders


Seabirds are nature’s fish finders and an anglers best friend. They can get tangled in fishing line and nets or caught on hooks.  

Small changes in the way we all fish can make a big difference to seabird survival – you might catch more fish too! 

seabirds natures fish finders

Tag and release a friend


Key elements to securing abundant fisheries are numbers and education. People need to understand what is happening to our fisheries. Please ask at least two people to join our e-news list so they receive important info direct to their inbox.

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Did you know?


In the past three months our advocates at the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council have promoted our recreational and environmental interests in at least 20 different forums and attended more than 8 technical meetings?

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Keep up with the advocacy index here.
Learn more about our research efforts here.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback.


Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve and the team at LegaSea.

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