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Respecting our fish

Hi {FIRST_NAME|Supporter},

Matt Watson and LegaSea have teamed up to reduce waste in our fisheries, by enabling you to share unwanted fish heads and frames with other people in your community via FreeFishHeads.co.nz.

These holidays successful fishers who prefer to keep just the fish fillets can now get in touch with locals who would gladly accept the unwanted heads and frames.

There are loads of people online waiting for a phone call.

This programme represents maximum respect for the fish we take by reducing waste, brings communities together and ultimately means we take less fish from the sea - conserving fish for future generations of Kiwis.

This online service is accessible on any smart phone, tablet or computer.

So even when you’re on holiday you can follow the online links and find someone close.

free fish heads

Keep those heads and frames chilled, grab a few numbers from the web and then make a call to arrange a suitable meeting place.

This could be at the boat ramp, local carpark or club. It’s easy.

free fish heads Watch Matt Watson’s video online and make someone’s day. FreeFishHeads.co.nz


Got a question about management or LegaSea? Popular questions this month have been where are the trawl exclusion lines in the Hauraki Gulf? What are the different commercial fishing methods?

We’ve put answers to some Frequently Asked Questions online here.

If these don’t answer your questions please contact us with your query.

frequently asked questions management

News bites

Strategies to rebuild local fisheries

rebuild local fisheries

Strategies to enhance marine ecosystems and rebuild depleted fisheries around the northeast coast, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay were confirmed recently.  Healthier ecosystems means more fish in our coastal waters, bigger fish, and brighter prospects for future generations to enjoy a meaningful fishing experience.

Wastage in our fisheries

wastage and whos responsible

Who’s responsible and what can we do? Trawling needs to be banned inshore  because millions of small fish are killed, discarded and wasted every year. We can all reduce waste so our fisheries rebuild to abundant levels. Watch this clip from TV3’s 3rd Degree programme then go to our Facebook page and tell us what you think.

Innovation award for lightweight trawl system

trawl award

A revolutionary, low-impact trawl net that enables small fish to escape has won an award. It is being trialled on the Nancy Glen II out of Napier. Recreational fishers have supported this net development since 2008 as it has many potential benefits, such as reducing the mortality of small fish, reducing seabed damage and lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A win-win for the fisherman and our marine environment!

Want some LegaSea flyers?

legasea 5 principles flyer

Want to talk to your mates about LegaSea but don’t know the detail?

You can download a copy of the 5 Principles flyer from LegaSea website or contact us and we will send you a handful for your family and friends.

We have a limited supply so email us soon to ensure the flyers arrive before you head away on holiday.

Seabirds - nature's fish finders


Seabirds are nature’s fish finders and an anglers best friend. Some of these birds are rarer than kiwi. The Hauraki Gulf is a seabird hot-spot.

Seabirds can get tangled in fishing line and nets or caught on hooks.  If a breeding adult is injured or killed, its chick will die of starvation. 

Small changes in the way we all fish can make a big difference to seabird survival – you might catch more fish too! 

seabirds natures fish finders

LegaSea benefits from promotional partnership

Recently two of LegaSea’s Gold Partners, Marine Deals and Fuel360 carried out a joint sales promotion resulting in additional funds raised for LegaSea of $400. This is on top of their already substantial Gold Partner level sponsorship of Legasea.  “Having two of our Partners work together to see if they could do more for LegaSea through their own business relationship is inspiring and uplifting for us”, says  LegaSea Corporate Relations and Funding Director, Simon Yates.   promotional partnership

Looking for a last minute gift?


LegaSea has some good looking merchandise to make you or your favourite people stand out this summer. We have tees, polos, hats, caps and classy decals for the car and boat. We’ve got your safety covered too, with the LegaSea Hutchwilco life jackets and flags. Great pricing for that last minute gift too!

Get some for your crew today while supporting your fishing prospects in the future.

buy stuff legasea

Tag and release a friend


Key elements to securing abundant fisheries are numbers and education. People need to understand what is happening to our fisheries. Please ask at least two people to join our e-news list so they receive important info direct to their inbox.

Click here to send them an email or fire them off a text "Hey guys, please join the LegaSea e-news at www.legasea.co.nz just hit 'get updates' to join".

Did you know?


It's Christmas and while it's busy now the holidays will soon be here.

Enjoy your break if you're having one. If not, there is plenty of fishing to come in 2015.

Thanks for your support and feedback during the year. Go well and enjoy good food and quality time with your family and friends.

Trish, Scott, Si, Matt, Pieter, Steve and the team at LegaSea.

christmas greetings

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