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LegaSea expands east and west

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More than 350 people attended the launch of LegaSea Hawkes Bay on October 29th at the Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club. The enthusiastic crowd heard from local and national representatives of LegaSea and special guest Matt Watson.

Declining catches are a major issue and concerned locals are banding together to find some solutions.

Surveys over the past eight years show an average recreational catch of 0.72 snapper and 1.74 gurnard per day. That means fishing for 3 days to get two snapper, and taking 2 days to get three gurnard. See below for more survey results.

legasea hawkes bay

LegaSea Hawkes Bay is committed to achieving management changes and the group is hopeful the community will get stuck in. All they want is a more abundant fishery so people can enjoy a reasonable catch from a day’s fishing. Not much to ask, you would think, from a world leading quota system!


Got a question about management or LegaSea? Like, why don’t we apply a land-all catch policy to commercial and recreational fishing?

We’ve put answers to some Frequently Asked Questions online here.

If these don’t answer your questions please contact us with your query.

frequently asked questions management

News bites

Commercial quota vs public's allowance

quota vs allowances

A popular misconception is that all fishing is managed via quota and the Quota Management System.  However, quota is solely used to manage commercial fishing.  Recreational fishing is not managed within the QMS.

For recreational fishing, the fisheries Minister has to make an overall "allowance" to cover the public’s expected annual catch.

This catch can and does vary a lot between years due to weather, fish availability and population growth, but the public’s ability to go fishing and catch a feed of fish still must, by law, be allowed for by the Minister. Talk of uncontrolled recreational fishing is a myth. Every person that goes fishing is controlled by a daily bag limit and ultimately the Minister’s allowance.

West Auckland tradies welcome

building legasea west auckland event

A Building LegaSea event will be held in West Auckland on Tuesday 18th November. All tradies and non-tradies are welcome. You can go into the draw to win a LegaSea Hutchwilco life jacket valued at over $100. Light refreshments will be provided. Get your invitation by signing up on our Facebook page, emailing us or calling us on 0800 LEGASEA.

Hawkes Bay survey results

hawkes bay survey results

Locals have been monitoring recreational catch around Napier for the past eight years. Over 14,700 people have been surveyed. Average daily catch of snapper is 0.72 and tarakihi is 0.42. These catch rates are appalling, almost as bad as the officials’ denial of any sustainability issue.  

They're rocking on the Hibiscus Coast

hibiscus coast legasea fundraiser

A big thanks to the Hibiscus Coast Boating Club for contributing $4695 to LegaSea. A fundraising quiz night was held where LegaSea ambassador Mandy Kupenga was auctioned off to the highest bidding team. It was a hilarious and fruitful event. Well done team.  

OIA documents released


The Ministry for Primary Industries has released a draft of several 1994 Working Group reports discussing juvenile snapper mortality caused by trawling, and high grading by longliners in the Hauraki Gulf. It is not what we were expecting. It is unclear if some details have been withheld or if there are other reports that need to be uncovered. Work is ongoing.

draft mortality reports

Snapper wastage summary


TV3’s 3rd Degree clip on wastage in the Snapper 1 fishery raised many issues. LegaSea has responded by outlining the issues and offering some affordable and achievable solutions. This document includes some helpful tips on what recreational fishers can do to help rebuild the snapper fishery.

5 Principles - what we stand for

LegaSea has developed 5 Principles to explain what we stand for and how we can achieve productive, abundant and diverse fisheries. Flyers have been produced and are available for you to distribute amongst your family, friends and work colleagues this summer. Get more details online at LegaSea’s 5 Principles. legasea 5 principles

LegaSea gear for summer

Look good this summer by fitting yourself and your family out in LegaSea gear. We have your safety covered too, with the LegaSea Hutchwilco life jackets and flags. Get some for your crew today while supporting fishing prospects in the future. This gear is top quality and is guaranteed to satisfy! buy stuff legasea

Tag and release a friend


One of the simplest ways you can help secure abundant fisheries is to make sure your family, mates and work colleagues understand what is happening to our fisheries.

Please make it your mission to get two friends to join our e-news list so that they receive important info and updates from us.

Click here to send them an email or fire them off a text "Hey guys, please join the LegaSea e-news at www.legasea.co.nz just hit 'get updates' to join".

Did you know?


There is a survey underway about recreational fishing around the Coromandel Peninsula.  The Thames-Coromandel District Council knows fishing is important, they just don’t know how much. Please take a moment to complete the survey by 4pm 28th November.

coromandel fishing survey

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