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Campaign highlights thanks to you

Hi {FIRST_NAME|Supporter},

LegaSea is pleased with the outcome of the reccent Tip the Scales campaign where over 17,000 people supported the 5 principles aimed at sustainable abundance, balance and fairness in fisheries management.

A highlight of Tip the Scales was the equal size limits video. When this was posted on Facebook it reached over 400,000 people, our best yet.

So thanks to everyone who registered their support for the 5 principles, shared our videos and got your mates onboard!

LegaSea's 5 principles

equal size limit video

In brief, LegaSea's 5 principles are:

  1. Let's rebuild the fishery.
  2. Stop senseless waste.
  3. Our fisheries are publicly owned.
  4. Equal size limits for all.
  5. Value recreational fishing.
A more comprehensive explanation and solutions to address the 5 principles can be found in LegaSea's Update 32.


Tag and release a friend

One of the simplest ways you can help secure abundant fisheries is to make sure your family, mates and work colleagues understand what is happening to our fisheries.

Please make it your mission to get two friends to join our e-news list so that they receive important info and updates from us.

Click here to send them an email or fire them off a text "Hey guys, please join the LegaSea e-news at www.legasea.co.nz just hit 'get updates' to join".

News bites

Snapper update - Bay of Plenty


LegaSea continues to advocate for management action to rebuild the Bay of Plenty snapper fishery, despite the absence of any formal measures to help improve access to snapper for the local community.

bay of plenty snapper

Reducing waste is a priority


LegaSea is advocating for a cost effective solution to rebuilding our fisheries. Mortality on small fish can be reduced at minimal cost and have the greatest benefit to the rate of rebuild.

reducing waste is a priority

Details of real wastage being withheld

The Ministry for Primary Industries is stonewalling requests for the 1994 report on juvenile snapper mortality caused by commercial fishing. Effort to have the information released is ongoing.

Big work-up in Northland

building legasea

LegaSea received a boost when 50 people with links to the construction industry gathered for a Building LegaSea presentation at Warren Hay Marine.

Marine protection for the Bay of Islands


Marine reserves, customary area management and crayfish depletion were just some of the issues canvassed during the Hokianga Accord hui held at the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club recently.

marine protection for bay of islands

Snapper Strategy Group


Brief update on the latest Snapper 1 Strategy Group discussions with another meeting due soon.

High Court mining appeal


No details yet about when the High Court hearing will be held regarding Trans Tasman Resources' appeal against the decision denying them a marine consent to mine ironsand off the Taranaki coast for the next 20 years. The decision committee said it was unclear if the environment or peoples’ existing interests could be safeguarded. Our two sandmining submissions strongly opposed the application.

sand mining submissions

Did you know?


A single mussel can filter up to 350 litres of seawater in a day. In the past mussels were so prolific in the inner Hauraki Gulf that it was estimated they could filter the Firth of Thames water in a day. Nowadays, even with all the mussel farms, it’s estimated that same filtering would take a year.

Read about Revive our Gulf’s latest initiatives to restore mussel beds and water quality in the Gulf.

revive our gulf

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