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After much debate the multi-sector management meetings for snapper 1 get underway this week.

There is a lot at stake so this process is expected to take more than 12 months.

Any outcome will affect more than half a million people who live and fish between North Cape and the eastern Bay of Plenty.

During last year's SOS - Save Our Snapper campaign many thousands of you asked for:

  • A plan to rebuild snapper and other fisheries
  • A ban on inshore trawling and Danish seining, to protect juvenile fish.
  • Elimination of wasteful practices such as dumping and high grading.
  • An increase to the snapper 25cm minimum size limit for commercial fishers.

Your voice was heard loud and clear by John Key and other politicians.

But it wasn't enough to stop Nathan Guy reducing our daily bag limit from nine to seven and increasing the minimum size from 27 to 30cm.

These changes will be effective from April 1st (yes, April Fools Day).

LegaSea is working to ensure we get real reductions in commercial waste and dumping, and no inshore trawling in sensitive, juvenile habitat.

This year we will be expecting:

  • Results from observers and cameras on inshore trawlers.
  • To be involved in designing the next snapper tagging project.
  • Results from NIWA's boat ramp recreational harvest surveys.
  • Results from the charter boat reporting scheme.
  • Comprehensive data on the mortality of undersized fish caused by bulk harvesting techniques, particularly trawl and Danish seine.

There will be more issues requiring your action this year so we will be in touch.

Keep LegaSea effective and working hard for your fishing interests by committing to a modest, monthly contribution. Your kids will thank you for it.

It was your action and support that made a difference in 2013

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