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LegaSea Crew - Profiles

legasea fishing crew


This is the LegaSea Crew, the people who have done most of the work to date, but there are lots of others that need to be acknowledged, if only they would let us put their profile up....Soon.

Anyway, this is what the LegaSea crew does, how they fit into the big scheme and what their strengths impressive team.

Richard Baker Matthew Taylor
Scott Macindoe Murray Batger
Peter Campbell Pieter Battaerd
Mark Connor Steve Sangster
Barry Torkington John Holdsworth
Simon Yates Trish Rea

Richard Baker - Spokesperson

Richard is part of the LegaSea fisheries management team. He has a background in finance and spent most of the past five years in an advisory role, when he’s not fishing!

He is the epitome of your good keen Kiwi fisherman, starting at the tender age of four fishing off a wharf in Coromandel, progressing to landbased fishing (which he was, and still is, really good at), and is now a competent diver and marlin fisher.

Richard has a passion for the sea. This passion has driven him to work in a voluntary capacity in the recreational advocacy space for the past 25 years.

From 2008 until 2011 Richard was the President of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. He remains one of NZ’s International Game Fish Association representatives.

It’s good to have Richard aboard as an advocate, a spokesperson and our leading LegaSea television personality.

simon yates

Scott Macindoe - LegaSea Strategist and adviser

Scott Macindoe is the backbone of LegaSea.  His passion is to make certain that the Vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations' is not something that we just talk about – he wants it to become our REALITY. 

He is an active environmentalist, a good fisherman, a talented networker, a successful businessman, a green-fingered gardener & a loving family man.  His mind is often miles ahead of the others in the room – it is his clarity, insightfulness and ability to think laterally that are his real diamonds. 

Scott is totally clear that we can successfully create an organised, professional and respected group that does a fantastic job to represent the interests of all New Zealanders.  He is all about working positively Together, witnessed by his efforts to connect recreational fishers with tangata whenua and environmental groups around New Zealand.  Scott believes success will be achieved together by understanding & respecting each other’s aspirations and needs.

His energy is infectious and his passions are inspiring.

scott macindoe

Peter Campbell - LegaSea - NZSFC Executive

Peter Campbell is our clear and direct link to the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Management Board. 

Peter is a professional and highly respected member of the NZSFC’s Management Board. He was Council Vice-President from 2001-09.  

He is an experienced leader, advisor and advocate, and has more than a decade of high-level Council Management experience. 

Peter’s advice is often sought because of his natural ability to be calm and clear thinking, his practical-minded guidance, and because he’s generally an all-round great Kiwi bloke. 

Every team needs a Peter Campbell. 

We’ll be doing everything we can to keep him happy, relaxed and generally awesome.

peter campbell

Mark Connor - LegaSea - NZSFC President and executive

Mark Connor is President of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council.  He’s the smart, confident guy from the South Island who leads by setting a strong example. 

It is important to Mark to ensure that future generations of New Zealanders can enjoy high-quality fishing experiences, a productive marine ecosystem, and a really strong representation of their rights through professional advocacy. 

Add to this the products of LegaSea programmes in research, education and working Together – and we’ve got a winning combination for all New Zealanders.

Mark is our “look-to” Great Southern Man, giving the LegaSea team buckets of confidence and constructive guidance.  And every Kiwi knows that a little bit of “Mainland” influence is good for more than just business – it’s good for everything!

mark connor

Barry Torkington - Adviser, management and policy

Barry Torkington is a goldmine of both experience and smarts, with a strong focus on sustainable fishing practices and protection of New Zealand’s unique marine ecosystem. 

Barry has a long and successful history in commercial fishing, aquaculture and fisheries management. He was a long-serving and innovative Director of Leigh Fisheries, and for almost 40 years has been directly involved in all aspects of the Snapper fishery for Area 1 – the largest snapper fishery in New Zealand. 

Barry is the ultimate advocate to have seated in your camp at any of the formal decision-making tables.  He has a keen style of thinking, and an enviable ability to quickly analyse policy and management proposals, and easily articulates the core issues with a no-nonsense attitude.  

And as if all this isn’t enough – the man has the most wicked sense of humour.  We think Barry Torkington is the meanest think-tank in New Zealand. 

barry torkington

Simon Yates - Corporate Relations and Funding

Simon’s father handed him his first fishing rod at the age of five. From that moment on fishing for him became far more than just a means to an end. It influenced where he lived, where he holidayed, who is best mates were, his skill development in boating, tackle management and preparing kai moana. It helped shape his proud kiwi heritage.

Simon has a substantial and award winning sporting, sponsorship, promotional marketing and advertising background. An extremely creative and strategic thinker he can help make LegaSea supporters not just leaders but heroes of the future.

“I can’t stand by and watch the destruction of our kiwi lifestyle so that a very few fellow kiwis can selfishly manage our fishery into a desert for their own short term gain.

"I want to pass on the life rewarding opportunity that fishing provides, not just a bunch of old photos and bedtime stories of how it once was. This vision cannot be achieved alone. We need every kiwi to play their part. It’s the responsibility of us all”

simon yates

Matthew Taylor (Matt) - Building LegaSea support team

Matthew Taylor brings a wealth of experience from the not-for-profit sector and the investment industry.

He has a strong ability to keep a level head and deliver innovative solutions to challenges. Matt also has a knack for organisational efficiency, operations and all the techy stuff.

Matt’s focus is on building ongoing relationships with partner businesses and engaging with the fishing community as a whole.

“I have fond memories of fishing as a child with my grandfather out on the Hauraki Gulf and I aspire to sharing similar experiences with my children in the future.”

matthew taylor

Murray Batger- Building LegaSea support team

Murray Batger is a born and bred Northlander. In his earlier life he played representative soccer, table tennis and golf for his province. His working life has seen him involved in the audio, golfing and tourism industry. Now he is bringing all his skills and applying them to the Building LegaSea initiative.

He loves family and fishing and delights in watching his son catch fish. “It's important that kids today and into the future have the opportunity to fish for food and leisure. There's increasing pressure on our marine resources and once they’re gone they are gone.”

Murray is urging fellow Kiwis and ex-pats living overseas, who dream of coming home and fishing, to get stuck in and support LegaSea.

“We need to stand together if we want our kids to enjoy quality fishing in the future.”

murray batger

Pieter Battaerd - LegaSea subscriber services

Since 2005 Pieter has served as a volunteer including helping with Kahawai Legal Challenge fund raising roles, Hokianga Accord ringa wera (kitchen hand), LegaSea Boat Show attendances and a variety of other roles. There are many people who can thank him for his encouragement to subscribe and contribute. He brings to our team a valued mix of humility and generosity.  

He is passionate about helping others.  Pieter has been a fire fighter for 16 years, served on Boards of community organisations or simply been the ‘go to’ man when a problem needs solving. He loves nothing more than helping people catch their first fish.

Pieter now takes responsibility for serving the growing LegaSea subscriber and contributor community. His job is to help people encourage others to come aboard and spread the word.

pieter battaerd

Steve Sangster - LegaSea support and administration

Steve is a proud fifth generation Kiwi. He was born in the Wairarapa and schooled in Wellington and Auckland. Over the past 30 years Steve has established and sold a number of businesses that are all in operation to this day.

He now brings his technical and business acumen to LegaSea, guiding us on how to do things smart and correct in the admin side of things.

Steve and his wife Annie have six adult children and five grandchildren between them so he feels the strong need to contribute to LegaSea and make a difference to the future management of our fisheries.

“We must make an effort on behalf of these new generations, so they have access to healthy sustainable fisheries in the future. Putting healthy, wholesome seafood on the table is the birthright of us all - unquestionably it’s worth battling for.”

steve sangster

John Holdsworth - Adviser, research and advocacy

John Holdsworth is our Fisheries Science Expert – the man who tells it like it is – using language that we can all understand.

John is Director of BlueWater Marine Research – a company that conducts a range of scientific research projects, with a special focus on recreational fish species and management issues. 

He has over 20 years of experience in fisheries research and is a member of multiple Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Science Working Groups including Highly Migratory Species, Inshore Finfish, and Marine Amateur Fisheries. 

John is often seated at the important decision-making tables, and he has this fantastic ability to translate complex fisheries management issues into simple concepts. 

Because of all this, and so much more, we think he is more valuable than gold. 

john holdsworth

Trish Rea - LegaSea Adviser and liaison

Trish is a professional and experienced advocate, and has more than a decade of fisheries management experience. 

She has worked on issues from sustainability reviews to policy management to public rights, and is extremely dynamic in her ability to spread information and increase public awareness. 

Naturally, she brings an extensive network of well-developed, positive working relationships with recreational fishing, tangata whenua and environmental interest groups.  

Trish is a valuable part of the team – not just for her professionalism, smarts and experience – but because she’s got tons of energy and is loads of fun. 

trish rea

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