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ITM Fishing Show

working TOGETHER

Matt Watson and the ITM Fishing Show crew are into LegaSea big time!. 

We’ve got a lot of things in common, us and them. Check out Matt's open letter to all New Zealanders, you can't help but admire the guy's commitment.


LegaSea vision

Number one thing that we agree on is the LegaSea Vision – that 'more fish in the water for future generations' of New Zealanders is the type of legacy we can all be proud of. 

Matt and the ITM Fishing Show Crew are right behind LegaSea’s work in ADVOCACY, RESEARCH, EDUCATION and working TOGETHER to make sure that our vision becomes a reality, and not something that we just talk about. 

Check out our home page or watch Matt and the ITM Fishing Show LegaSea clip.

We just love their work – thanks guys!

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