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0800 LEGASEA (534 273)

Tauranga Hunting & Fishing, Bay of Plenty

For three years the staff at Tauranga Hunting & Fishing have been blinding everyone with their fishing skills. Or so they say!

Anything you want to know about outdoor stuff, whether that's fishing, diving, camping, shooting, hunting - anything - these guys can do it, talk it or find it for you.

Stop in and see the team at Tauranga Hunting & Fishing for all your outdoor needs.

But don't forget your future fishing needs. They've got that covered too.

Tauranga Hunting & Fishing are now LegaSea hosts, so you can call in, grab a few LegaSea brochures & cards and spread them around amongst your family, friends and workmates.

The more of us that stand up for ourselves, the more likely we are to achieve the Vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations'.

If we achieve that goal then you can look forward to a long & fruitful time out on the water.


Jim can be found at Tauranga Hunting & Fishing:

65 Chapel St, Tauranga

Ph: 07 9284303

Richard, Glen, Mike & Ian
Richard, Glen, Mike & Ian
65 Chapel St, Tauranga
65 Chapel St, Tauranga



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