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0800 LEGASEA (534 273)

Pete Lamb Fishing , Wellington

Think of Wellington fishing and the name Pete Lamb naturally comes to mind. He spends most hours of his day either fishing, talking about fishing, chartering fishing trips or dreaming of new ways to catch fish.

With such passion comes the desire to make sure that fishing in the future is as good as, or better, than what it is today.

So naturally Pete jumped at the chance to be a LegaSea host because he believes in the goal of 'more fish in the water for future generations'.

So let's support the guys supporting our future fishing interests. Get in, see Pete and grab yourself a couple of LegaSea brochures. Read one and pass them on to your family, friends and neighbours.

If we want to pass a legacy of abundance onto our next generation we need to contribute towards that goal today.


Pete can be found at Pete Lamb Fishing :

15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai, Wellington

Ph: 04 3878150

Pete Lamb and crew
Pete Lamb and crew
15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai, Wellington
15 Kingsford Smith St, Rongotai, Wellington



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