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LegaSea Host Pack

0800 LEGASEA (534 273)

Are you a Host?

If you have a tackle store, business or frontage where the public waits for service then this LegaSea Host Pack has been compiled with you in mind.

The objective is twofold:

  • To raise awareness & support for LegaSea
  • To have a positive spin-off for you & your business as a recognised LegaSea host.

There is no expectation on you or your staff to handle cash or gather lists of names. Rather, we have invested in counter-top dispensers & quality collateral that you can easily endorse without getting overly involved (unless you want to). We recognise this is essential for staff who need to stay focused on their jobs.

Call the team on 0800 LEGASEA (534 273) to discuss your needs. Or email us.


Host Pack contents

A4 counter-top dispenser

This dispenser needs to be visible to customers, on the counter or reception desk, and well stocked with LegaSea brochures & cards.

A quick call to 0800 LEGASEA (534 273) will ensure prompt delivery of more stock. The A4 skin inside the dispenser will be updated as new material is developed.


LegaSea brochure

These can be personalised by adding your stamp to the back panel. We want contributors to acknowledge where they heard about LegaSea and so we can report to you when people acknowledge your outlet.


Business cards

Many contributors want to help by talking to others about LegaSea. These cards can fit in people's wallets, handbags, toolboxes & tackle boxes. That way they are always on hand to pass onto others who are keen to find out more.

And they're laminated too!

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host pack

Host Pack

legasea business card

Business card