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Education is an important factor when considering the future health of our fisheries and marine environment.

Since 2009 more than 250,000 children at 840 schools have experienced the Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing show and teaching resource.

These kids learn lessons about water safety and fishing for the future, fish handling and boat safety.

With your support of LegaSea we can educate another 250,000 kids!


Award winning show - media release

25 November 2014

Funny man Mark de Lacy, aka the Minstrel, has earned the outstanding contribution award for his work in teaching vital water safety messages to more than 250,000 youngsters nationwide.

The award is one of several announced at the 2014 Sealord New Zealand Water Safety Awards.

This interactive show of songs, comedy and storytelling is a joint project between Mark and the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council.

Council spokesperson, Ed Beetham, is pleased the award has been given to Mark in recognition of the work he does to keep kids safe on the water.

NZ Sport Fishing Council media release - Award winning fishing show a hit with youngsters.

hiwi the kiwi sealord award

Alison Sykora (Sealord), Mark de Lacy, Neil Murray (Coastguard)


School projects

It’s all about keeping our young Kiwi’s safe around water, showing them the wonders of the ocean and giving them the chance to share their stories online.

With New Zealand being a country where you are never far from the sea, the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council believes that it is best to educate our children from an early age on how to best enjoy, manage, protect and preserve our marine environment.

There is lots of cool things online including competitions, pictures to colour in, and Hiwi the Kiwi can even visit your school!

For teachers – check out the fantastic resources that have been provided for you.

Check out the Hiwi The Kiwi website for more.


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hiwi the kiwi

Image: New Zealand Fishing News


Mark Connor (NZSFC), Neil Murray (Coastguard), Alison Sykora (Sealord), Mark de Lacy,
Ed Beetham (NZSFC).