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Can I claim a tax deduction if I contribute to LegaSea?
What is LegaSea? What is Building LegaSea?
Who is LegaSea? LegaSea Volunteer programme
What does LegaSea do? What next?
How is LegaSea funded? How do I contribute to LegaSea?
What has LegaSea achieved? FAQs - Fisheries and area management


Can I claim a tax deduction if I contribute to LegaSea?

No, you cannot claim a tax deduction if you contribute directly to LegaSea. At this stage LegaSea is not a registered charity so we cannot provide a tax certificate. We believe it is inequitable that contributors cannot receive a tax deduction for donations made to help resource public good advocacy, while commercial interests seeking to advance their interests can deduct their incurred expenses as they engage in fisheries management or marine protection processes. LegaSea appreciates all donations. 100% of public donations are applied to fisheries advocacy, research and education. Our operating expenses are funded by our business partners and private donations.


What is LegaSea?

LegaSea is a public outreach initiative of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. The Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team. On behalf of the Council LegaSea raises funds and provides public-friendly information about a variety of processes that are important to the sustainable management of fisheries for future generations.


Who is LegaSea?

Since our inception in 2012 at least 30 people have committed their expertise, time and wisdom to LegaSea. This has been in a variety of forms, full-time, part-time and keen-as volunteers.

Nowadays we have a core team dealing with daily tasks, and a larger team volunteering their expertise, providing strategic direction and other essential roles.  

Richard Baker is our most recognised team member; he is an accomplished land based and small boat game fisherman and past President of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. Richard has had 15 years experience in fisheries management and during that time he has developed a wealth of knowledge of the issues. Richard is a very capable spokesperson for LegaSea.

Other team member profiles are here

richard baker legasea spokesperson

What does LegaSea do?

LegaSea provides a wide range of opportunities for the public and businesses to support the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council's advocacy, research, education and working TOGETHER initiatives.

LegaSea encourages people to stand up for themselves, by voluntarily funding the work required to create positive outcomes to the way fisheries are managed for the New Zealand public.

LegaSea also designs campaign tools so people can send a strong message and personal comments directly to politicians and decision-makers.

save our marlin legasea campaign
tip the scales legasea campaign

How is LegaSea funded?

LegaSea relies on public contributions to fund its activities. There are a range of programmes underway to encourage regular contributions from businesses and individuals.

Building LegaSea is a cutting edge programme designed to inspire construction industry owners and operators throughout New Zealand.

Individuals are encouraged to make an affordable monthly contribution of $10 or more to LegaSea, that’s a coffee and some bait. This regular contribution will provide the resources required to protect the interests of future generations by effectively lobbying for better fisheries policy and management practices.
building legasea funding legasea
how is legasea funded

What has LegaSea achieved?

Since 2012 LegaSea has spearheaded a number of successful campaigns, including:

  • Hands OFF our marlin
  • SOS – Save Our Snapper
  • Crayfish and Scallops
  • Tip the Scales

Today LegaSea's database exceeds 50,000 people. We are committed to reaching out to many more people, to help them better understand what is happening in our fisheries and offering them a way to make a difference for future generations.

news of what has legasea achieved

What is Building LegaSea?

Building LegaSea was launched in June 2014. It is an innovative programme designed to encourage the construction industry of New Zealand to show their support for the effort being made to rebuild our fisheries to healthy levels.

Through LegaSea's Partner and Building LegaSea programmes we have established a growing list of organisations, now in excess of 90 companies, who are investing in LegaSea's commitment to see future generations of New Zealanders enjoying a meaningful recreational fishing experience.

If you are a business owner and keen to help LegaSea then feel free to call and have a chat or send us an email or call us on 0800 LEGASEA.

building legasea

LegaSea Volunteer programme

LegaSea has engaged volunteers to assist with a variety of activities, from attending boat shows, distributing flyers, participating in talkback radio, writing letters to the editor, and manning boat ramps - all encouraging the public to subscribe to the LegaSea updates.

LegaSea's Tip the Scales 2014 pre-election campaign saw more than 50 people distributing flyers at boat ramps around New Zealand.

Pieter Battaerd and Matthew Taylor are coordinating the Volunteer Programme, streamlining how we engage with people.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered in the past, you are our strength and we will need you even more in the near future.

If you would like to become a valued part of the LegaSea volunteer team please sign up here.

legasea volunteer programme

What next?

LegaSea is in full-strength and fund-raising mode leading into 2015. In November we expect the release of a proposal for recreational-only fishing zones in the Hauraki Gulf and Marlborough Sounds. December will likely see another round of management proposals for crayfish.

Our expert fisheries management and science team at the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council is committed to a range of processes to improve management outcomes for recreational fishing and environmental interests.

Collectively we will examine any proposal that seeks to perpetuate the myth about uncontrolled recreational fishing, because nothing could be further from the truth. 


How do I contribute to LegaSea?

You can make credit card, cheque or direct credit contributions here »


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