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EDUCATION is an important factor when considering the future health of our fisheries and marine environment.

As more funds become available we can promote educational projects that teach Kiwis how to move around their environment sustainably, how to deal with waste appropriately & how to respectfully interact with marine life.



Ecosystems and Oceans matters

Our ocean is a complex environment, and we know more about what’s on land than what is in the water.


Interesting facts
  • The planet is 71% ocean – that’s a lot of water!
  • New Zealand’s waters are incredibly unique
  • We have the 5th largest EEZ (exclusive economic zone).
  1. We have a landmass of around 270,000sqkm.
  2. Australia’s landmass is equivalent to 28 New Zealands.
  3. Our surrounding water is about 5.8 million sqkm.
  4. Australia’s water is equivalent to 1.4 of New Zealand’s.

We have a lot of water. So let’s learn about it, and the amazing life that it supports.


Intertidal zone

Our precious intertidal zone. We think we know it, but do we really think about the fact that it is one of the harshest environments?

Changing temperatures, salinity, exposure to the sun, wave action – these guys do it rough!



What’s found here?

Everything from tiny molluscs and clustering bivalves, to the curious hermit crabs and darting triple fins.
You just need to stop and look! Take a special moment to see the bustling community of a rock pool.


Neritic zone

The place where most people go swimming and boating!

From the low tide, to the edge of the continental shelf.


What’s found here?


All of the classic species we know of: snapper, crayfish, rays, kingfish, octopus and more.

Plus some you might not know so much about, like brittle stars, bigeyes and hagfish…..what the?!


Oceanic or pelagic zone

The great, wide ocean. Nothing but blue.



What’s found here?

This is generally where all the larger species hang out. Ocean-going, pelagic fauna, and migratory species.

It’s really exciting if you ever get to see these animals!

Some favourites are manta rays, tuna, whale sharks and whales.

Don’t forget about the bottom though – there’s important life that hangs down there too!

Our bottom-dwelling or benthic creatures include large crabs, bryozoans and some freaky-looking fish, such as the toadfish.


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Image: Dan Godoy