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LEGASEA is the public outreach brand of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. LEGASEA supports and promotes your interests for good management of our precious fisheries resources, to ensure that there are abundant fisheries for future generations of Kiwis. 

By making a modest monthly contribution of $10 or more to LEGASEA (that’s a coffee and some bait) we can apply the resources required to effectively lobby for better fisheries policy and management practices.

Success will have benefits for our nation, our communities, families and our kids.

LEGASEA is your opportunity to support the people who are standing up for our priceless recreational fishing interests. Many people contributing a little will make a huge difference to our fishing future.

Reduced bag limits to subsidise exports and competing demands for marine space threaten our access to healthy fisheries.

Your contribution to LEGASEA entitles you to receive the quarterly e-reports that will keep you informed of changes and any developments that impact on our non-commercial fishing interests.

Assuming we do our job well, we hope that you will encourage your family and friends to contribute to LEGASEA.


Some of the threats to our fishing experience

  • A silent, uninformed public vulnerable to being filleted by Government and commercial interests focused on exporting as many fish as possible.
  • Reducing recreational bag limits to subsidise exports.
  • A statutory body to manage and constrain recreational fishing, requiring us to pay a compulsory license fee just to sustain its sprawling bureaucracy.
  • Degraded inshore marine environment, unable to sustain a healthy ecosystem.


Fish for the future

By 2030 there could be 25% more people living in New Zealand. If we want our kids and grandchildren to have similar or better fishing to what we have today, planning for more fish needs to start now.

The NZ Sport Fishing Council has innovative strategies to achieve abundance for now and the future. A simple start includes:

  • Ensuring fish conserved by recreational fishers stay in the water to grow and multiply for the wellbeing of future generations - not having these fish allocated as commercial quota and exporting them.
  • Radically reducing the wastage and senseless killing of juvenile fish by inappropriate fishing methods, by any sector.
  • Removing damaging bottom contact fishing methods from habitats of special significance.


How you can make a difference

LEGASEA does not receive funding from the government or the commercial fishing sector. Our strength is underpinned by our ability to stand up for ourselves. TOGETHER.

There is so much necessary work to be done. A modest monthly contribution from you will make a huge difference. Just imagine what we could do if just 1% of the people who fish contributed $10 a month to LegaSea.

It would be game over for less than a bag or bait and a cup of coffee!

Your contribution towards achieving abundant fisheries for future generations will be channelled into four workstreams:

Supporting effective engagement in science and management processes, policy and marine protection discussions. Then summarising the issues so you and I can understand what it means for our fishing future.

Ensure relevant and credible research is undertaken on issues that will enhance our fishing and environmental interests. LEGASEA contributors support the New Zealand Marine Research Foundation - a proven performer.

A major focus is on producing quality marine education resources that enables all Kiwis to act responsibly when using the marine environment.  This includes making full use of any fish that are kept, and making sure that all fish returned to the sea have the best chance of survival. 

Since 2009 over 140,000 children at 480 schools have experienced the Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing show and teaching resource. They learn vital messages about fishing for the future, fish handling and boat safety. With your support we can educate another 140,000 kids.

We can also promote ways that Kiwis can move around their environment sustainably, how they can deal with their waste appropriately, and how to interact with all marine life respectfully. Ecosystems and Oceans matter.....

working TOGETHER
Our fishing and environmental future is being debated in many forums. It is critical we engaged in these processes. We can achieve so much more by taking the pragmatic attitude of working TOGETHER with other groups and people who share the same objectives. 

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has earned respect and a reputation for being a well-researched voice of reason. LEGASEA funding will enable us to work and grow TOGETHER, and to make new connections with more experienced and passionate groups.


More questions?

If you have more questions or need further details please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

And if that doesn't satisfy your needs feel free to contact us....

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