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Latest LegaSea crayfish news

There is a range of information about crayfish, some of this information is readily available.

Effort has been made to source important documents not currently in the public domain. In some instances our effort has been met with stonewalling tactics by officials and advisors.

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council fisheries management team continues to strive for the release of significant documents and data.

LegaSea will keep you informed of any developments so you can stay updated on what is happening in your fishery.

Feel free to follow the links or download the documents to read and share with family and friends.

LegaSea is the public face of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. The Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team. On behalf of the Council LegaSea provides public-friendly information about a variety of processes that are important to the sustainable management of crayfish, and other fish stocks, for future generations.

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Crayfish decision. Minister Nathan Guy

Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries, has decided to increase commercial catch levels of crayfish in the Otago area, and retain current catch limits in several other fisheries, including Gisborne, Canterbury/Marlborough and Westland/Taranaki. The controversial concessions enabling commercial harvest of undersized crayfish remains. 19 March 2015

ministers crayfish decision 2015

Crayfish leftovers not good enough

There are ongoing issues related to the management of our crayfish stocks that need to be addressed this year. Crayfish are a prized shellfish, a taonga, and we need to be sure that the public's long-term interests are protected and we have reasonable access to our crayfish.

legasea update

Crayfish - our treasure, our taonga

Management of crayfish stocks can seem complex, this info is posted to help you understand what is currently happening in management realms and what you can do to help achieve more abundant crayfish stocks for the future.

Crayfish becoming exclusive property

LegaSea Update. Crayfish might not be on everyone's catch list but they are a treasured meal when shared with family and friends. Not surprisingly they are also a valuable commercial species so when it comes to management there is always high interest in any catch increases. 27 February 2015

legasea update

Crayfish management under the spotlight

LegaSea Update. Crayfish are a prized catch and important ecologically so it is critical we protect the fishery from over exploitation. The Ministry for Primary Industries has issued proposals for the future management of several fisheries, including the northern crayfish stock called CRA 1. 26 February 2015

legasea update

LegaSea Summary of crayfish submission

A summary of the crayfish submission made in response to the proposals for the future management of selected crayfish stocks, from Northland to Southland. A one-page document from LegaSea summarising the 29-page submission made by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. 23 February 2015

summary of crayfish submission by nz sport fishing council

NZSFC Crayfish submission

A submission by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council explaining why more precaution is required by the Minister when managing our crayfish stocks. Also, repeating earlier comments that the concessions allowing commercial harvest of undersized crayfish in selected areas needs to be revoked immediately. 18 February 2015

crayfish submission february 2015

NZSFC summary of proposals

A summary of the crayfish management proposals, as compiled by the fisheries management team of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. This is an initial commentary on the 42-page proposal document, from a recreational perspective. 29 January 2015

summary of crayfish proposals nz sport fishing council

Management proposals

Consultation document including management proposals for the future management of five crayfish stocks, Crayfish 1 (CRA 1), CRA 3, 5, 7 & 9. These measures are proposed by the National Rock Lobster Management Group. Responding submissions are due with the Ministry for Primary Industries by 17th February 2015. 20 January 2015

crayfish management proposals 2015

Introductory letter to proposals

A letter from the Ministry for Primary Industries advising stakeholders of the proposals to review sustainability measures for selected crayfish stocks. The proposals have been developed by the National Rock Lobster Management Group. Submissions are to be sent to the Ministry. 20 January 2015

crayfish proposal letter MPI

A boost to rebuild important fisheries and habitats

Delegates to the 2014 New Zealand Sport Fishing Council's AGM endorsed three policies to rebuild marine ecosystems and local fisheries, including crayfish stocks around Gisborne. December 2014

legasea update 34

National recreational harvest survey

In 2011-12 recreational fishers harvested around 185 tonnes of crayfish. About 34% of these crayfish were taken from waters around the lower half of the North Island. This info and catch estimates for other popular species are in this official survey report. Report: 145 pages. November 2014

recreational catch survey

Craypots - creeping death on our coastline

For young and old crayfish are a taonga, a treasure, so recent Ministerial decisions to keep some stocks at all-time lows to meet export orders is abysmal. These decisions will not dent the numbers of commercial crayfish pots littering popular coastal areas. May 2014

legasea update craypots

Shameful crayfish management

Time has once again been used as a weapon against us, this time to limit our response to outrageous proposals that will keep Bay of Plenty crayfish stocks at all-time low levels. April 2014

legasea update 20 crayfish

Crayfish submission 2014. NZSFC

In 2014 the NZSFC advocated that the Minister cannot continue to hide behind the veil of the National Rock Lobster Management Group when it comes to the sustainable management of our taonga, our crayfish. Consultation, the science process and ongoing management are being hijacked by a few interested parties, to the detriment of our marine environment. 21 February 2014

crayfish submission 2014

Crayfish - anyone smell a rat?

In December the Ministry released proposals for management of crayfish in area 2 that runs from Waipu in the north to Waihi, Bay of Plenty. It's an important fishery yet it is the worst performing of all the crayfish stocks. February 2014

legasea update 17 crayfish 2


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