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Hutchwilco Boat Show 2013

Boat Show report

hutchwilco boat show

For the second year running LegaSea represented the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show. This show was held in Auckland over four days, from 16th to 19th May. And what a success!

boatshow volunteers


Due to the scale of this event the LegaSea crew required extra help. We just couldn't do it on our own!

Like last year, we were blessed with both experienced and new volunteers who worked tirelessly and injected new passion and enthusiasm when we needed it most.

Their courage and commitment to engage with show goers was outstanding, considering most people had not done this type of work before.

In total, we estimate our volunteeers put in at least 120 hours of their time & all they got from us was a free tee shirt!

Seriously, they all enjoyed the opportunity to talk fishing with show goers and there was plenty to keep them entertained.

Thank you all for giving us your time, your effort and most of all your energy. Hope to see you next year!

Chrisy and Barb (pictured left) were two of the volunteers on day 1 of the Boat Show.

Game on when Matt Watson shows up

Saturday was the single biggest day for LegaSea. Matt Watson joined us on the stand for almost an hour.

Between Matt & Wave Dancer Fishing Charters we were able to offer an all inclusive fishing trip for 'you & 3 mates' with Graham Henry. A very popular promo.

Having Matt and the big crowd coming in through the gate we had more people contribute money to LegaSea, sign up to receive our e-news and we sold more merchandise than all the other days put together!

Way to go team!

matt watson legasea stand

How about some fun?

hawke bay on tour

This fun-seeking crew came all the way from Napier and the Hawke Bay to check out the Hutchwilco Boat Show and the LegaSea stand. On ya fellas!

What did we learn?

Being at the Hutchwilco Boat Show this year was a great success for LegaSea, for a multitude of reasons.

We made valuable industry contacts, we received significant financial contributions and we signed up hundreds of people to our database.

This means we can talk directly to people and give them an opportunity to act in the interests of better fisheries management.

We also learnt that people are keen to engage and know more. LegaSea is becoming more widely recognised and accepted in the minds of the public. This is encouraging and the feedback we received has been helpful in shaping our message for the coming year.

cash for legasea

Hard-earned cash from the Hawke Bay crew.

having fun at the boat show   tim taylor boat show 2013
Having fun while educating LegaSea newcomers at the 2013 boat show.
Tim Taylor, LegaSea legend and boat show organiser extraordinnaire!
Images: Scott Macindoe


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