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Biting Issues

Review of Rock Lobster management - Controversial decisions

March 2012


Decisions applying from 1 April 2012

On March 27 the Minister for Primary Industries, David Carter, released his final decisions on Rock Lobster sustainability measures for the 2012-13 fishing year beginning 1 April 2012.

Despite the evidence and intense advocacy from Gisborne locals, the Minister has agreed to increase commercial catch limits in Crayfish 3 (CRA 3).

This increase will apply while the commercial concession remains in place. This concession rule enables commercial fishers to take crayfish smaller than the recreational minimum size limit.

Needless to say, local recreational & environmental interests are gobsmacked.


Other decisions

Commercial catch limits in CRA 4 (Wellington/Hawke Bay) & CRA5 (Marlborough/Canterbury) remain the same.

CRA 7 (Otago) commercial catch limits have been decreased and the non-commercial allowances are retained.


Download the full Minister's decision for Crayfish for further details. [1.6MB]


To get a greater understanding of what is happening in our Rock Lobster fisheries, read the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council's Crayfish submission advocating a more precautionary management approach.


Commercial concessions

Originally touted as short-term measures, commercial concessions have now become the norm, and irrespective of the lobbying from non-commercial interests they remain in place!

There is so much wrong with allowing concessions to continue.

What about the environment?

What about our kid's interests?

Follow the dirty saga of commercial Crayfish concessions online and stay tuned for a Ministerial decision on these concessions in the next 2-3 months.

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