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ADVOCACY 2012 - 13


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Who amongst us will take the time to bury our heads in the detail of fisheries management?

In reality, most of us look for the 'highlights reel' to find out where we stand, what the big issues are and what we can do.

And that's okay because LegaSea is here to do the hard-yards, all we need is your support!

  • effective engagement in management
  • independent science advice
  • policies for abundant fisheries
  • marine protection discussions.

What's next?

Fisheries management is a specialised and complex issue, compounded by other developments in the marine space, like aquaculture, marine spatial plans and poor land management.

One objective of LegaSea is to demystify fisheries management and bring you the 'highlights reel', so you can make informed decisions and choose to take decisive action that will make a difference.

LegaSea stands proudly beside a team of dedicated and professional fisheries management advocates and researchers. These are the people making a stand for our recreational fishing rights and interests. This team is guided by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Fisheries Management Committee. Their expertise, passionate work and dedication is tireless.

Below is a chronological record of ADVOCACY events, documents or news. Latest news is at the top.

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We made a difference thanks to you. 22 December 2013

Let’s take a quick look at the positive outcomes for our fisheries in 2013. Passionate advocates, with a common cause worked hard for a better future for our fisheries resources. If you supported any of these causes then you are in good company my friend!

legasea update january 2014

Reflection on 2013. 22 December 2013

I'd like to reflect on some of the major positives for fisheries to come out of 2013. Groups with a common cause worked hard to strive for a better future, with dedicated support from people like you.

legasea update bay fisher magazine

Turning the tide. 20 December 2013

Hard work by passionate advocates turned the tide on four iconic fish species in 2013 - snapper, crayfish, sharks and tuna. If you supported any of these causes you should feel proud, thank you.

legasea update 23

Turning the spotlight on snapper, crayfish and tuna. 20 December 2013

One of Nathan Guy’s aspirations for the future management of Snapper 1 was to establish an action group by year’s end, to develop a management plan by October 2015. Nominations for the SNA1 Strategy Group have been sought, two from each sector, commercial, customary and recreational.

spotlight on snapper, crayfish and tuna

Taranaki seabed mining application submission. 19 December 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submit the Environmental Protection Authority ought to decline the Trans-Tasman Resources Ltd marine consent application to mine iron sand in the South Taranaki Bight. On 20 Nov the application was re-notified, new info was released and the submission deadline was extended until 28 January 2014. Parties could resubmit or retain existing submissions. A supplementary submission was made on 28 January 2014.

seabed mining taranaki submission 2013

NPOA Sharks submission. 8 December 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submit its opposition to the finning of HMS sharks and the discard of the body at sea. If sharks are to be landed the NZSFC supports landing of HMS sharks with fins naturally attached, in accordance with internation best practice.

sharks, shark finning npoa submission 2013

Meeting - Regional fisheries forums. December 2013

MPI-led regional recreational fisheries forum meetings held nationally in the first week of December. FMA 1 & 9, north of a line from East Cape across to Tirua Point, held a joint meeting. Ongoing discussion about important species and the need for a management review of trevally stocks on the east and west coast of the Upper North Island.


Southern bluefin tuna submission. 29 November 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submited for no in-season commercial catch increase for 2013-14 and no TAC and TACC increase for 2014-15. That is because the Southern bluefin tuna stock is less than 10% of its estimated unfished size. There is no justification to increase the TAC by 138% over five years when the stock is so low. Any increase only benefits quota holders. NZ must take a precautionary approach.

southern bluefin tuna submission

LegaSea will seize opportunities for change. 28 November 2013

The warmer weather and warm summer feeling is upon us, and snapper will no doubt be on the menu at some point this silly season. Having fully reviewed hundreds of pages of documents on snapper we have a clearer view on how LegaSea will continue to push for better outcomes for managing the snapper 1 fishery.

legasea seizing opportunities for change

Snapper round-up 28 November 2013

Warm weather means more fishing, but in the Bay of Plenty there’s still concerns to be addressed for snapper. Stocks are classified as “collapsed” and so LegaSea will be calling for specific action to be taken in the Bay.

snapper round up

What's next for snapper? 25 November 2013

After the snapper decision we reviewed hundreds of pages of Ministry reports and documents and we’ve planned our next steps to continue to improve the future of snapper 1. Increased release mortality is one issue that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later, because as of 1st of April 2014 recreational fishers will be fishing to the new 30cm minimum size limit and reduced bag limit of seven.

what next for snapper?

Your vote counts when it comes to snapper. 25 November 2013

Reactions ranging from outrage to stoic have been aired since Nathan Guy released his decision, in September, for snapper whithin the area from North Cape to the eastern Bay of Plenty. The Minister has made a political decision in response to unprecedented public pressure, but that exposure was insufficient to sway him or his Ministry to retain existing recreational controls.

legasea update 29

Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan. 14 November 2013

Three meetings held to select members of the Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) for Sea Change, a marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf. This is a 2-year process to identify and resolve competing demands in the Gulf. Two NZSFC representatives rejected by group. NZSFC objected to the nomination process to appoint the two 'recreation' members who were not representative of the public's diverse interests in fishing & the marine environment. Objections rejected by Plan organisers.

hauraki gulf marine park spatial plan sea change

Marine ecosystem acoustics seminar. 6 November 2013

Two representatives attended this meeting. Mostly related to offshore activities. Good discussion about the potential to move management from current single species focus to taking a broader, ecosystem approach. NZSFC committed to this shift, NIWA & MPI projects still focused on single species management.

marine ecosystem acoustics seminar

International Billfish conference, Taiwan. 4 - 8 November 2013

NZSFC & Whangamata Ocean Sports Club supported a representative to attend this conference and present the early results from the marlin identification project led by Clive Roberts & Lara Shepherd from Te Papa. This was one of 50 presentations at the conference.

international billfish conference 2013

Official Info Act request Precision Harvesting 31 October 2013

NZSFC request information from the Minister re the Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme. 8 Questions put to the Minister. Ministerial reply 29 Nov. MPI does not have info to fully answer 6 questions. Programme will be completed in 2018.

precision seafood harvesting OIA request

Snapper decision FAQs 30 October 2013

What was the snapper decision and what does it mean for the future management of this prized fishery? What are the positives? What about a legal challenge and what next? Answers to these questions and others are available in this 2-pager. Download it here.

snapper decision faqs

Snapper fight is just the beginning. 28 October 2013

Rightio crew, let’s do a bit of a review of the snapper situation. At LegaSea we’ve been living and breathing the future of snapper. It’s been pretty intense, and at times pretty insane, the decision from Nathan Guy was disappointing in some respects, but also promising in others.

legasea update october 2013

Here's to the fishers. 28 October 2013

One thing that has struck me in recent months is how people from all walks of life enjoy fishing. New Zealand is a wonderful melting pot of different cultures and people with varying backgrounds – but there is something wonderfully unifying in the form of a fishing rod.

legasea update october 2013

No sign of greedy recreational fishers. 25 October 2013

Allegations of greed have been made against those fishers who wanted to retain the existing snapper bag and size limits of nine snapper at 27cm. This highlights a couple of points. The first is that some people still don’t fully understand the bigger picture of the proposed changes to snapper 1 (and it is complex!), the second is to appreciate the impact these changes will have for many people who fish from the land or close to shore.

legasea update october 2013

Snapper decision falls short. 25 October 2013

The Minister of Fisheries is no Valerie Adams. Nathan Guy gave the snapper decision a shot, but fell short of public expectations. He was not helped by his Ministry's predetermination to have us share a smaller slice of the snapper fishery to protect commercial interests. As of April 2014 recreational fishers between North Cape and Bay of Plenty will have a smaller bag limit and an increased minimum size limit.

snapper decision falls short

Animal Welfare Act review submission. 4 October 2013

In September 2012 the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submited in response to the Ministry's proposals to amend the Animal Welfare Act. On 4 October 2013 the NZSFC re-submited the points made in the original submission to the Primary Production Committee considering the Animal Welfare Bill.

animal welfare act review

Eastern BOP restoration plan 3 October 2013

Whakatane Sportfishing Club develop a draft fisheries restoration plan for Eastern Bay of Plenty waters. The Draft proposal for the Eastern Bay of Plenty Restoration Project is presented to Nathan Guy, MPI Minister at a meeting on 3rd October.

eastern bay of plenty restoration plan

Fisheries Management Annual Report 2012-13 28 September 2013

New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Fisheries Management Annual Report 2012-13 released to the NZSFC Annual General Meeting. The two-day meeting discussed the Snapper 1 decision, other submissions made during the year including Snapper 7, Kingfish 7, Sea Perch 1 and Paua 5D.

NZSFC fisheries management annual report 2012-13

Snapper decision falls short. 18 September 2013

LegaSea media release. LegaSea says recreational fishers are rightfully angry that their daily bag limits have been cut from 9 to 7, and the MLS increased from 27 to 30cm, when there is no change to commercial catch limits.

legasea media release snapper decision

Snapper 1 decision meeting with the Minister 17 September 2013

New Zealand Sport Fishing Council representatives invited to a meeting with the Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan Guy, and Ministry officials. Minister released his decision for Snapper 1, with explanatory notes. No decision letter or Final Advice Paper available. Ministerial media release provided.

Ministers snapper decision

People versus profits 16 September 2013

Are private profits and export dollars really more important than the people of New Zealand?

people versus profits

Snapper decision has been made 16 September 2013

By now a decision has been made about the future of our snapper fishing in area 1 by Nathan Guy, the Minister for Primary Industries.

snapper decision has been made

What will the Minister's snapper decision mean for us? 15 September 2013

Any day now we expect to receive the Minister's decision on the future managment of Snapper 1. Reaching this decision will not be an easy task for Nathan Guy.

what will the Ministers decision mean for us

Save our snapper Nathan Guy August 2013

Thanks to all the caring fishos who united with LegaSea and sent their submission to Save Our Snapper. We need to keep the heat on the Minister to do the right thing because only he can save our snapper.

save our snapper nathan guy

Nathan Guy it's all on you August 2013

In September Nathan Guy is due to announce his decision that will determine the future of our snapper fishing in the Bay of Plenty, Hauraki Gulf and East Northland. No pressure Nathan, but get it right or there'll be hell to pay!

will nathan guy save our snapper

Nathan Guy will you save our snapper? August 2013

Nathan Guy is due to make his decision for Snapper 1 by the end of September. No pressure Nathan, but get it right or there'll be hell to pay!

will nathan guy save our snapper

We can change the predetermined snapper outcome August 2013

Claims there is no predetermined outcome in the Snapper 1 debate are untrue. MPI has already decided in future you will have access to a smaller share of the snapper fishery and your daily take must be reduced. These changes are required to protect commercial interests.

changing snapper 1 outcome

The fight for our fish is far from over. 23 August 2013

LegaSea media release. Serious accusations have been leveled at the fisheries Minister this week in parliament over the snapper proposals. LegaSea says it's not okay that our legal rights will be undermined by bag limit regulations while our fish are reallocated to the commercial industry.

snapper legasea media release

Snapper 1 submission. 23 August 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submit the Minister needs to retain the current TACC, increase the TAC by 550 tonnes, to 8100 t, change the combined non-commercial allowance to 50 t for customary Maori interests and 3100 t for recreational interests. Need to focus attention on wastage and discards and immediately ban trawling from inshore nursery areas and fragile benthic features.

submission snapper 1

NZ Marine Sciences Society Conference 21 - 22 August 2013

New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Conference held over two days in Hamilton. Blue Water Marine Research personnel participated.

blue water marine research

Snapper 7 submission. 9 August 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submit an alternative management option to the two proposed TAC & TACCs offered in the discussion paper. NZSFC also recommend the Ministry implement onboard electronic monitoring of trawl operations in this mixed trawl fishery.

submission snapper 7

Kingfish 7 submission. 9 August 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submit an alternative management option to the 2 proposed TAC & TACCs offered by the Ministry. MPI need to provide incentives for commercial fishers to avoid kingfish, release them alive & better cover expected bycatch of dead fish. Also need 100% observer coverage on chartered factory trawlers while in NZ waters. Other recommendations made.

submission kingfish 7

Submission extension request. 7 August 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council request from MPI an extension to the 9th August submission deadline for Snapper 7, Kingfish 7, Sea Perch 1 and other fish stocks & deemed value rates. Andy Doube, MPI Inshore Manager, replied on 7 August (same day) that they would not be extending the submission deadlines for the 1 October decisions.

submission extension request

SOS Save Our Snapper campaign 2 August - October 2013

LegaSea Save Our Snapper (SOS) campaign launched online. Submission summary and online tool available. Supporting info supplied online and released to media.

sos save our snapper campaign

Sea perch 1 submission. 1 August 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has serious concerns that the use of bulk harvesting methods such as trawling in inshore low foul to target Sea perch does not meet the environmental principles of the Fisheries Act 1996. NZSFC recommend MPI implement measures to have observers collect information on the species assemblage caught by trawl on inshore low foul to help identify the ecological impacts of increased fishing in these habitats.

sea perch 1 submission

Snapper battle in full swing July 2013

Action time. LegaSea is rallying support to fight for the future of our snapper fishery, fight for our voice to be heard, and fight against commercial greed and government mismanagement.

snapper battle in full swing

SOS Save our Snapper. 26 July 2013

LegaSea media release. Commercial exploitation of our snapper resources will alienate the public from an important food source if proposed management changes are implemented. LegaSea is challenging the proposals as unfair and is encouraging all New Zealanders to stand up for their interests.

SOS save our snapper media release

Time to fight for your snapper July 2013

Once again the government is expecting the public to shoulder savage cuts to rebuild the Snapper 1 fishery while leaving the commercial sector and their archaic, destructive fishing methods relatively unscathed.

time to fight for your snapper

Snapper OIA request 24 July - 26 Sept 2013

NZSFC request historic documents relating to the management of Snapper 1 since 1993-4. Some documents released on 26 Sept. MPI refused to release the juvenile mortality report c1993 as it was not in their records. Released documents - Snapper Fishery Strategic Plan SNA 1 & 8, FAP re 1 October 1997 decision SNA1; Decision letter SNA1 for 1 Oct 1997.

snapper 1 official information act request

Snapper on the line. 16 July 2013

LegaSea media release. Recreational fishers are shocked at proposals by the Ministry for Primary Industries to slash snapper bag limits while the commercial sector is largely unaffected.

legasea snapper media release

Gurnard 2 policy 9 July 2013

Gurnard 2 policy developed in conjunction with Hawke's Bay Sports Fishing Club. Policy applies on the southeast coast, from Cape Runaway to Wellington. The policy aims to reduce the TACC to 460 tonnes until the stock is restored to B40. To improve yield from the fishery by reducing juvenile mortality. To make 125mm mesh codends and approved escapement panels mandatory for any trawl used in FMA2.

gurnard 2 policy

Marlin saved now snapper under review June 2013

A big thank you to all the passionate fishos who united to save our marlin from commercial exploitation. A big thanks also to the Minister, Nathan Guy, for having the foresight to make the decision to retain the status quo for marlin. With marlin under control there might be changes next to snapper bag and size limits.

snapper under review

Snapper cuts will make way for commercial fishing June 2013

Recreational fishers may be forced to take bag limit cuts of up to 40% to make way for commercial quota. This response would load most of the cost of rebuilding Snapper 1 onto recreational interests. LegaSea object until destructive and wasteful commercial fishing methods are stopped.

snapper cuts make way for commercial fishing

Crayfish letter to Minister. 28 June 2013

NZSFC strongly object to the recent management decisions applying to Crayfish 3, Gisborne. Specifically, the increased commercial catch limit and the ongoing support for the concession enabling commercial fishers to harvest undersized crayfish. NZSFC requested a meeting with the Minister. No meeting invitation received after two months.

crayfish management

United we protected marlin from the quota system June 2013

LegaSea was pleased the 'Hands OFF our marlin' campaign was so successful. Within three days of launching over 3000 people voiced their opinion to the Minister, Nathan Guy. LegaSea and the NZSFC appreciate the Minister and Ministry's prompt response in backing away from any regulatory changes. Status quo will remain until further talks are completed.

united we protected marlin from the quota system

New Zealanders love their marlin. June 2013

Striped marlin has been a non-commercial species since 1991 yet commercial fishers continue to argue for a regulation change so they can take and sell marlin. The NZSFC is vigorously opposed to any such change. The successful "Hands OFF our marlin' campaign proved how much people love their marlin.

new zealanders love their marlin

Meeting - Ministry engagement with forum members 5 June 2013

Four FMA 1 & 9 regional forum members attend a meeting with MPI managers to discuss Snapper 1. Recreational fishers rejected outright any reductions to recreational access to Snapper 1. MPI had mismanaged the SNA1 fishery for a long time, hadn't reviewed it for 16 years. No new information offered by MPI.

Meeting - Ministry engagement with NZSFC and LegaSea 5 June 2013

NZSFC meeting with MPI managers to discuss engagement between MPI and the Council. MPI not happy about some of the messages used in the LegaSea Boatshow snapper pamphlet. NZSFC urged MPI to defer the Snapper 1 management review unitl 2014, to enable the Minister to have access to better information, and to confirm a stock management target of 40% of unfished biomass. Letter sent to MPI inshore manager after the meeting.

snapper letter to ministry

Target species: Snapper. May 2013

Snapper is a renown favourite so keeping the fishery in good health is really important to LegaSea. That's why snapper is going to receive some special attention this year.

target species snapper

Meeting - Regional fisheries forums. May 2013

MPI-led regional recreational fisheries forum meetings held nationally in the last week of May. FMA 1 & 9, north of a line from East Cape across to Tirua Point, held a joint meeting. Ongoing discussion about MPI Fish Plans, management of albacore, skipjack and yellowfin tuna, seabirds, sharks, marlin, bluenose, sea perch and snapper.

tuna, sharks, marlin, snapper

Rough seas ahead for our beloved snapper. May 2013

Snapper is the largest recreational fishery in NZ and the majority of those fish are caught along the east coast of the North Island. But trouble is brewing. It seems catch levels may need to be cut.

legasea update 16

Paua campaigners pride of the south. May 2013

When the Ministry and industry suggested the public of Otago and Southland need to take a back set to commercial interests in paua the crowd literally went wild. The NZSFC got in behind the Tautuku club and locals and submitted against the proposals. The backlash has forced MPI to rethink its strategy and work with the locals to find a collective solution.

paua campaigners pride of the south

Crayfish 2 Management meeting. 22 May 2013

Crayfish stakeholder management meeting, Tauranga. Presentation on stock assessment process and management procedure evaluations. Workshop discussion on stakeholder views of the current Crayfish stocks and aspirations for the fishery in the future. A discussion document on management options will be released in December, for feedback by Feb 2014. Three NZ Sport Fishing Council representatives attended and contributed to the discussions.

crayfish 2 stakeholder meeting

Hands OFF our Marlin campaign. 22 - 24 May 2013

LegaSea launches the Hands OFF our Marlin campaign. Statement released to media and online submission tool set up. Within 3 days over 3000 submissions were sent to the Minister's office. On 24 May MPI announced the status quo would be retained, striped marlin would remain a recreational-only species. Further talks with industry and recreational fishers are expected.

hands off our marlin campaign

Marlin not for sale. 22 May 2013

LegaSea media release. Regulations protecting striped marlin as a recreational-only fishery are under threat by commercial fishermen who want to keep and sell marlin.

legasea marlin media release

Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show. 16-19 May 2013

LegaSea stand at the Hutchwilco Boat Show, Auckland. Four days of public engagement. Marlin and snapper major points of discussion. People keen to know what is being done to protect our fishing future and rebuilding our fish stocks.

hutchwilco new zealand boat show 2013

Matt Watson calls for a Sealords boycott. May 2013

There was an uproar recently over Sealords new TV advert hailing their yellowfin tuna in a can a "Smart Choice" premium product. And rightly so!

Matt calls Sealords latest advert "incredibly arrogant or ignorant".

Matt Watson calls for a Sealords boycott

Dumped marlin pic sparks outrage. May 2013

You may have seen or heard about three marlin that were dumped by a commercial fishing boat off the Manukau Harbour. There was outrage and rigorous discussion on Facebook about it, because it was such a sad sight.

dumped marlin pic sparks outrage

Marlin are ours, but for how much longer? May 2013

Domestic commercial long-liners are campaigning for a regulation change to allow them to keep and sell marlin. The NZ Sport Fishing Council opposes any relaxation of the rules protecting marlin from private profiteers. Our marlin are not for sale!

crayfish catch increases

So what's LegaSea all about? April 2013

Introducing LegaSea to the NZ Fishing World magazine audience. LegaSea is all about preserving, enhancing and protecting the health of New Zealand's fisheries, for the benefit of public's social, economic and cultural wellbeing.

what is legasea all about?

Even "Nauti Girls" fish responsibly. April 2013

Wow, what a sensational event the Whangamata Nauti Girls Fishing Tournament 2013 was! Over 700 keen ladies in one place, at one time, with an unbridled passion for fishing. LegaSea was there to share our message about sustainable fishing and protecting our most precious fishing resources. It was great to be invited.

nauti girls fish responsibly

Sealord thinks we're dumb. April 2013

It's a pretty harsh statement, however Sealord's latest TV ad is all about buying canned yellowfin tuna with the tag line "smart choice". Now that's dumb!

Yellowfin tuna are almost extinct in New Zealand waters.

sealords thinks we're dumb

Caught a crayfish lately? April 2013

If you are struggling to find a legal size crayfish for the special family dinner you are not alone. Crayfish are a popular target species for recreational fishers, yet in some areas they are scarce because undersized fish are being taken commercially and exported.

crayfish catch increases

More fish in the water for future generations. March 2013

Many of us have happy memories of summer holidays by the beach, fishing or exploring life, and maybe losing a bit of skin in amongst the craggy rocks. It's natural for us to want similar or better experiences for our children and theirs.......

happy summer memories

We love fishing but how much do we care? March 2013

LegaSea stands proudly beside a team of dedicated and professional fisheries management advocates and researchers that are making a stand for your recreational fishing rights. Their expertise, passionate work and dedication is tireless.

advocating for recreational fishing interests

Wayward advice skewing decisions. March 2013

Significant commercial catch increases have been proposed for two important fisheries and the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has strongly objected to both proposals. There is insufficient, or downright dodgy information to support catch increases in Coromandel scallops and several rock lobster fisheries.

crayfish catch increases

An innovative way to conserve fish. February 2013 is a new innovation aimed at getting Kiwis to make the most of what they catch. Instead of whipping of the fish fillets and dumping the rest, people can now share the heads and frames with others who welcome the succulent bits of meat tucked in amongst the bones.

free fish heads conserving fish

Free Fish Heads project needs successful fishermen. February 2013

Matt Watson and LegaSea have initiated to enable fishers to share their unwanted fish heads, and at the same time conserve our fishery.

free fish heads needs fishermen

Celebrating founding sponsorship for LegaSea. January 2013

Thompson Walker has been confirmed as the first founding Silver Sponsor of LegaSea. Their two main brands are Fin-Nor and Jarvis Walker. The team is pleased to be working with such a well-respected and established company. This sponsorship is vital to help establish and operate LegaSea.

Bay of Plenty LegaSea launch a hit. January 2013

LegaSea has been officially launched in the Bay of Plenty and what an occasion! LegaSea is a bold and unifying initiative by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. It's a positive message to say yes, we CAN and NEED to stand up for our fishing future.

legasea launch in bay of plenty

Ready and waiting for 2013. January 2013

Issues likely to arise in 2013 include national and local fisheries and aquaculture proposals. Also looming is the Hauraki Gulf spatial planning process and promotion of the NZSFC Snapper 1 rebuild policy.

set net ban meeting report


Submission - Rock Lobster regulations. December 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council advocate that the Minister ought to revoke all Concessions applying in the Cray fisheries. Concessions entitle commercial fishers to take Crayfish below the minimum legal size. There is unacceptable risk in allowing immature fish to be harvested. Concessions must be revoked ASAP.

nzsfc crayfish submission

Meeting - Regional fisheries forums. December 2012

MPI-led regional recreational fisheries forum meetings held nationally in the first week of December. FMA 1 & 9, north of a line from East Cape across to Tirua Point, held a joint meeting. Ongoing discussion about MPI Fish Plans and depleted trevally, gurnard and hapuku fish stocks.

set net ban meeting report

LegaSea initiatives gaining support. December 2012

There is now a band of outlets hosting LegaSea material. If you haven't already, please contribute online or drop into one of our host outlets, grab yourself a couple of brochures and get stuck in.

growing support for legasea

Growing awareness positive for LegaSea. December 2012

Support for LegaSea's vision of 'more fish in the water for future generations' is growing thanks to an increasing bunch of enthusiastic supporters.

legaseas bunch of enthusiastic supporters

Many reasons to celebrate 2012. December 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council reviews the progress made during 2012, how the Ministry's Harvest Strategy Standard and Kahawai Legal Challenge ruling will influence future management decisions, and the Snapper 1 rebuild policy.

influencing management decisions

Meeting - Marlin management. 23 November 2012

A New Zealand Sport Fishing Council representative attended and contributed to a multi-interest Marlin Management Group meeting. Commercial longliners want to keep those marlin that come to the boat that are unlikely to survive. The NZSFC objects and is advocating for a total ban on the importation and sale of marlin in New Zealand.

(Refer to earlier media release for details)

marlin off the menu

Meeting - Manukau set net ban extension. 6 November 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council hosted a meeting to discuss the proposed extension of the set net prohibition area in the Manukau Harbour. This meeting unanimously supported the protection of dolphins, and rejected the proposed closure.

set net ban meeting report

Meeting - Aquaculture development. 5 November 2012

Two New Zealand Sport Fishing Council representatives attended and participated in a meeting to discuss a proposed marine farm in Whangaroa Harbour, Northland. A local fisheries company has sought consent from the Northland Regional Council. Around 80 people attended this meeting, there was unanimous opposition to the proposed farm.

marine farm meeting report

Notable response to LegaSea. November 2012

It is heartening to have so many Kiwis willing to stand up for themselves and their kid's fishing future. Like many freedoms, we don't realise how precious they are until they are gone, or some bureaucrat decides he wants to make a quick buck by charging us a fee for what we have always enjoyed!

kiwis standing up for their fishing future

LegaSea into summer events. November 2012

As summer approaches LegaSea is gearing up to attend public events and a dedicated event coordinator has been appointed. Event managers are encouraged to contact LegaSea to advise details of your special occasion.

legasea into summer events

Snapper fishery rebuild plan underway. November 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council AGM supports the rebuild strategy for Snapper 1. This is the largest recreational fishery in the country, between East Cape and North Cape. Whatever works in Snapper 1ought to be a blueprint for any other depleted fishery.

snapper rebuild plan

Marlin off the Menu. October 2012

Media release - New Zealand's world class marlin fishery is threatened by the rapidly increasing commercial longline fleet in the South Pacific. The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council urge consumers not to buy marlin products and to tell retailers and restaurants to take it off the menu.

marlin off the menu

LegaSea has broad appeal. October 2012

LegaSea is a cause working for 'more fish in the water for future generations'. To achieve that Vision we need at least 20,000 people to get on board and make a contribution towards protecting our fishing interests, for now and the future.

legasea has broad appeal

LegaSea springing into action. October 2012

After a peak and a promise spring is here and so is LegaSea. Requests for LegaSea collateral is increasing so if you want to get some material into your premises please read this Update and contact the team.

northland rocks

Rebuilding fisheries in the Hauraki Gulf. October 2012

Momentum is building for the development of a marine spatial plan to apply across the Hauraki Gulf and eastern Coromandel. Rebuilding abundance, the size & numbers of fish, ought to be the foundation stone of any management plan.

hauraki gulf fishing

Matt Watson's open letter to NZ. 1 October 2012

Matt Watson is backing LegaSea all the way. Read this letter, get enthused & come on board with Legasea!

matt watson legasea

Have you got what it takes to be a champion? September 2012

LegaSea has hit the market with a new range of material to increase public awareness. Now is our best chance to make a difference for the future of our fisheries.

northland rocks

Voluntary model beats compulsory taxation. September 2012

One of the unique features of living in Aotearoa is our freedom to fish. Moves are underway to change the nature of our right to fish. Before any reforms the NZ Sport Fishing Council want to find a very Kiwi, simple & effective answer to ensure our kids enjoy an abundant future.

future search

Meeting with Minister 5 September 2012

NZ Sport Fishing Council Fisheries Management Committee meeting with David Carter, the Minister for Primary Industries. A productive one hour meeting in Auckland.

hauraki gulf

Special Permit not required. September 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council advocate that existing measures can be used to provide temporary relief to commercial fishers affected by new management measures in Taranaki. Therefore a new and complex regime is unnecessary.

A recreational view of the Hauraki Gulf. August 2012

Around 200 people attended the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Seminar and heard presentations from both John Holdsworth & Scott Macindoe on recreational fishing in the Gulf and how the fish stocks can be restored to abundance.

hauraki gulf

Submission - Protection of whitetip sharks. 22 August 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council urges the fisheries Minister to take a precautionary approach when managing the critically low stocks of Southern bluefin tuna.

Draft Kaikoura Marine Strategy. August 2012

More than 160 groups and individuals submitted in response to Te Korowai's draft Marine Strategy for the Kaikoura coastline. A summary of submissions & replies are captured here.

kaikoura plan

Southern bluefin tuna proposals. 3 August 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council urges the fisheries Minister to take a precautionary approach when managing the critically low stocks of Southern bluefin tuna.

LegaSea is constantly morphing. August 2012

LegaSea has changed dramatically over the past six months, due to your feedback it's now easier for you to get your family & friends on board.....

northland rocks

Truth is stranger than fiction. July 2012

Fisheries management is political. One week Matt Watson exposes dumped snapper in the Hauraki Gulf, the next politicans are clambering for the Ministry to 'do something'....

truth is stranger than fiction

Submission - Low info stocks need careful management. July 2012

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council advocates for a precautionary approach when managing low information fish stocks such as Elephant fish, Ghost shark, Gurnard & John Dory.

Submission - Deemed value regime ignores true mortality. July 2012

All commercial catch taken in excess of the Total Allowable Commercial Catch ought to be deducted from next year's commercial catch limits.

deemed value submission

Growing support for LegaSea. July 2012

Thanks to all the volunteers who manned the LegaSea stand at the Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show in Auckland & appreciation to all contributors.

LegaSea think-tank June 2012

Overnight meeting of national representatives & individuals keen to discuss marketing & public awareness initiatives. Tasks assigned & completed over following months.

northland rocks

Recreational fishermen are not a pushover. June 2012

LegaSea features at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show & lots of the conversation revolved around the Kahawai Legal Challenge Supreme Court ruling.....

reccies not a pushover

LegaSea interest bubbling along. June 2012

Nationwide interest in LegaSea has been building since the February launch and we have some high-end horsepower backing the team.....

northland rocks

Regional fisheries forum meetings. June 2012

MPI-led regional recreational fisheries forum meetings held nationally. Joint meeting of FMA 1 & 9 forums, north of a line from East Cape to Tirua Point. Discussed inshore stock management & controversial decisions to increase Crayfish quota while retaining commercial concessions.

Brief summary of the Kahawai Legal Challenge. May 2012

The Kahawai Legal Challenge proved that recreational fishers were able to foot-it with commercial interests. Lessons were learnt & our rights to quality fishing were clarified.

kahawai legal challenge summary

LegaSea Northland launch rocks! May 2012

It's been a while since the Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club in Tutukaka has rocked to local music, but it did on March 31st.

northland rocks

What a difference a month makes! May 2012

There are some positve developments in public awareness, LegaSea enrolments and fisheries management.

bringing back the bite

Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show 17-20 May 2012

There were five days of interesting discussions on the LegaSea stand at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show 2012. Thanks to show organisers Mike Rose & Dave Gibbs for their hospitality before, during & after the show.

legasea boatshow

When money trumps environmental sense. April 2012

Money & commercial interests have won the latest round of decisions. Consequently there will be less public access to crayfish, yellowfin & other tunas in the future......

money trumps environment

LegaSea - Stepping on the gas..... April 2012

LegaSea word is getting out & the crew are delighted with the feedback. People are rapt that our voice will not continue to be drowned out by the better financed players sitting around the management tables.

legasea stepping on the gas

Regional fisheries forum meetings. April 2012

MAF-led regional recreational fisheries forum meetings held nationally. FMA 1 & 9 forums, north of a line from East Cape to Tirua Point, had a joint meeting & discussed fish plans.

Will our yellowfin come back? March 2012

It's been another poor year for yellowfin tuna in Aotearoa. What has caused their demise & what can be done to bring back our yellowfin?

pacific commission tuna

Public robbed of crayfish through unfair practices. March 2012

Recent Ministerial decisions allocating more of Gisborne's crayfish quota to commercial interests have outraged both the community and NZ Sport Fishing Council.

gisborne crayfish

LegaSea - Bringing back the Bite for all Kiwis. March 2012

LegaSea was officially launched in Auckland on 9th February. LegaSea provides a means for us, the public, to contribute towards and stand up for our future fishing interests.

bringing back the bite

Fisheries management - Marlin & tuna. February 2012

NZ Sport Fishing Council representatives meeting with Wayne McNee, Director General of the then Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to seek clarification of future fisheries management engagement.

A meeting of minds February 2012

NZ Sport Fishing Council representatives meeting with Wayne McNee, Director General of the then Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to seek clarification of future fisheries management engagement.


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