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LegaSea is your opportunity to support the people who are standing up for our future fishing interests.

LegaSea is a public outreach initiative of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. The Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team. On behalf of the Council LegaSea raises funds and provides public-friendly information about a variety of processes that are important to the sustainable management of fisheries for future generations.

We support and promote your interests for conservative management of our precious fisheries resources, to ensure there are abundant fisheries so future generations can enjoy a meaningful fishing experience.

Our non-commercial fishing interests encompass access, abundance, social, cultural and environmental issues - usually the real hard stuff that most of us struggle to understand. Lucky for us the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has an expert team who know how to speak the science and management lingo, they know what works (most of the time) and they know how powerful we could be if we all stood up for ourselves, contributed a little and resourced this team to do more work.

LegaSea is both a response to this complex range of issues and a fundraising initiative to support this team to be more effective and dynamic. The objective is 'Fish for the People'.

It's this simple approach that enables you to contribute a regular amount of $10 or more, that's less than a coffee and some bait, and have that money used to resource effective lobbying for more abundant fisheries and improved management practices. Then you can get on with your life and leave the team to do what they are good at!

In return you benefit from having a hand in making a difference to our fishing, now and in the future.

You can have a say in how our fisheries and environment are managed and you will receive the reports and other e-news that will keep you informed of changes and any developments that impact on our non-commercial fishing interests.

Assuming we do our job well, we hope that you will encourage your family and friends to support you and contribute to LegaSea too. Together we can leave a legacy of abundance for future generations.

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Want to contact us?

Got something to say? Got a bright idea? Are you having an event?

We're open to all suggestions, questions, answers & feedback. We might not agree with them all but we are keen to know your thoughts and know what you're up to so let us know by using our contact us form.

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Looking for LegaSea supporters?

A raft of outlets nationwide have volunteered to be a LegaSea host - to promote the objective of 'Fish for the People' and get the message out into the public arena. Please support these outlets that are promoting your future fishing interests.

If you want to be a LegaSea host please call us on 0800 LEGASEA (534 273).

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Missed the latest news? These Newsbites give you a quick and easy way to learn about what LegaSea is doing, who is doing what, and what we can expect on the fisheries & marine front.

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LegaSea - Our story

The genesis of LegaSea has its roots in the fundamental nature of Kiwi's rights and expectations to have access to abundant seas and a healthy marine environment. LegaSea is people standing up for these rights and interests so future generations can enjoy a meaningful fishing experience.

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LegaSea - The Detail

LegaSea is a programme developed by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council to ensure that the objective of 'Fish for the People' in Aotearoa becomes our reality.

Success will have benefits for our nation, our communities, families and our kids.

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LegaSea - Our crew

One of the most difficult tasks was getting this bunch of modest people to say something good about themselves. So we did the next best thing - we got someone else to give us a profile, and what a great outcome!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An evolving list of questions and answers offering you some simple explanations about LegaSea, the objective, the crew and how you can contribute towards achieving the objective of 'Fish for the People'.

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LegaSea is on the usual 3 suspects - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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We welcome your input.
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